Thank you for considering the selfless decision to place your child for adoption. We have wanted children since the moment we met, but encountered obstacles on the path to build our family. We will provide a loving, fun-filled house for a child to be raised in and are extremely excited that you are considering us.

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Brian Amanda
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Information Technology Marketing
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Memory with a Child
The First Time Our Daughter Said, "Dada"
Memory with a Child
The First Time I Held Our Daughter
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Anything with Baseball
Dream Job
Stay-at-Home Mom
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Anything Dr. Seuss
Children's Book
Green Eggs and Ham
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Adoption in Our Lives
Our Happy Family

We are parents to an amazing 2.5 year old little girl, Katherine, who we adopted at birth. Being Katherine’s parents is such an amazing gift and blessing, we just really can’t believe how lucky we are to have been chosen to be her parents. She has brought so much joy to not only our lives, but to our families as well. Adopting Katherine has been such a life changing experience, there is not a day that goes by that we are not thankful for the incredible choice her birth mother made.

We have really cherished the time we have spent with Katherine’s birth mother getting to know her and her extended family. The stories and hopes and dreams that she had for Katherine are so important for us to know and share with Katherine as she gets older. The incredible strength that her birth mother has is just amazing.

We have always wanted to have 2-3 children and our desire to have more children has only grown since Katherine has come into our lives. Katherine is so loving, kind and giving at only 2.5 years old that we know she will be an amazing big sister to this child. We want Katherine and this child to grow up together knowing that we choose them to be in our family and that their birth mothers choose us to raise them.

Our Leisure Time
Go Steelers!

We love taking vacations to dream locations and attending sporting events in our free time. During our travels we always look for the unique experiences. That may be making fresh pasta in Italy, standing in awe of the Sistine Chapel, or cruising around in a convertible in Hawaii. Taking in the beauty, diversity, and culture that the world offers is truly something we wish to share with a child. Another passion we share is sports and music. Brian is a huge fan of the Steelers and we have made a bucket list to see them in every stadium in the NFL. Thus far we have made it to five different stadiums, with plenty more to go! While on these trips, we always find a way to make our trips something we both enjoy. For instance, Amanda loves all things music so while we were in Nashville we toured historic recording studios and went to a few live concerts.

Our everyday leisure time is all about family time, we love finding activities in the local community that we can all do together. Whether it is going to the dog park, farmers market, or swim lessons with Katherine we always have a fun outing planned. Katherine loves taking our dogs on a walk and going to the playground. She loves playing with all the other kids, it is so sweet to see how loving she is to kids and animals.

Discussing Adoption

We will tell this child from day one how lucky we are that their birth mom/parents choose us to be their parents. That is what we tell Katherine today and will treat this child no different. Today we use stories and age appropriate phrases about how Katherine has two moms and dads that love her to the moon and back. One mommy that grew her in her tummy and one that grew her in her heart. Once she is older and more curious we will share the story of how she came to be in our family. For now, we tell Katherine today about the brave choice her birth mother made and how we have tremendous respect for her. We will treat this child no different and will completely respect your wishes on what information is shared.

After having been through adoption once before we have a tremendous appreciation of the honor to it is to be picked to raise this child. We will happily share photos and updates for you about this child and would be more than willing to share with the child any updates that you would like as well. Most importantly we will share with this child that you loved it so much that you wanted to give him/her all of the opportunities in life that adoption could provide. And that you choose us to be their parents.

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