We are so honored that you are taking time to learn about our little family. We wish you peace and clarity with the choices you are making for your child. Becoming parents again is our hearts' desire and becoming a big brother is our son's greatest wish. We hope this profile conveys the abundance of unconditional love and fun our entire family would like to share with another child.

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Paul Carri
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Executive Director Chief Engagement Officer
Bachelor's Degree in Occupational Therapy Master's Degree in Education
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Hiking & Camping
Family Activity
Playing at the Beach
Dream Vacation
Raft the Entire Colorado River
Dream Vacation
Travel Around the World
Quality about my Spouse
Her Dedication to Social Justice
Quality about my Spouse
His Compassion & Love for His Family
Dinner as a Family
Eating Dinner Together
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Stranger Things
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Legally Married

Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Breakfast at the Cabin

One of our favorite vacation spots is a family cabin in the mountains. We love living in a vibrant city with all the opportunities it provides, but we also love being able to drive a short distance and get out in nature – providing more freedom for kids and opportunities to slow down and build family memories.

The cabin is in the forest next to a creek. It is a spot that Carri grew up going to with her family and other families they are still close to. During the summer, kids can play in the creek, damming it up with rocks to create small pools. There is a community pool just a few minutes away by bike. After swimming, the tradition is to get ice cream from the club house. Bike riding, fishing and hunting for crawdads are also favorite activities. The cabin is located next to a national park that has a large, beautiful mountain as its centerpiece. There are numerous hikes that kids can go on to see waterfalls or run through the large old growth trees. We have traditions of having camp fires most nights and a special pancake breakfast cooked on the creek bank. The cabin is also just 30 minutes from a great family skiing and sledding area that we use in the wintertime.

We love the cabin because it gives our whole family a place to unplug, relax and reconnect. It's an oasis where our children can make lasting memories with dear friends and family.

Cultural Diversity

We are excited about adopting any child, regardless of race or ethnicity. We are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure this child has a strong and celebrated connection to his or her background. We will create an environment where this child can speak to us openly about any questions, feelings, or concerns that she/he may have about their racial or ethnic heritage. We will continually seek out whatever support we need as a family to ensure this child has a secure and positive sense of self.

We will seek resources to educate ourselves on this child's background, including talking with other adoptive families, reading books and articles, attending seminars, joining support groups and seeking advice from trusted individuals who have a background similar to the child’s. We are blessed to have a diverse circle of friends and have built-in mentors and a strong support network.

We will create a home environment where books, media, art and discussion are used to foster a deeper connection to this child’s heritage. We understand that some of these activities will occasionally bring us out of our comfort zone and we are fully committed to doing this.

What it Means to be Parents
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family

The opportunity to be parents has been an incredible gift to us; it has developed us into better individuals and made us an even stronger couple. We look forward to parenting again and continuing our family routines, like eating dinner together every evening and reading together before bedtime. As parents we embrace and look forward to the unexpected, random things that parenting brings on a daily basis, like answering non-stop questions that range from “how old is God?” to “where does the water from our faucets come from?” and finding the comedy in the daily minor mishaps. We also look forward to finding out what this child loves, what they are talented at, and what brings them joy. There is nothing better than to see the world through a child's eyes and to witness their awe and excitement. We of course look forward to traditions and holidays, but the really special moments are daily - whether it is rolling a ball on the ground, making them laugh, or carrying them to bed after a long car ride. We look forward to and love every aspect of parenting - the crazy moments, the snuggly and soft moments, and the challenging times.

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