People say adoption is an option, but to us it is a great blessing and our son Joel is living proof to that. Our home has never been the same since we had Joel into our life as the love, joy and excitement shared never end and just continue to flourish. With open and loving arms, we welcome you and your child to be part of our family.

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Ed Mannie
job description
Physical Therapist Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Physical Therapy Master's Degree in Guidance & Counseling
Dream Job
Airline Pilot
Dream Job
Professional Athlete
Ice Cream
Fresh Fruits
Family Activity
Family Activity
Outdoor Sports
Quality about my Spouse
Her Sense of Humor
Quality about my Spouse
He is Very Romantic
Vacation Spot
Vacation Spot
The Caribbean
Legally Married

Our Most Memorable Moment
Celebrating Joel's Birthday

Our most memorable moment yet which we refer to as a “miracle moment” is the arrival of our son, Joel. We vividly remember as if it happened just a week ago when we missed our specialist’s call while at work. It was frustrating to miss such an important call, so we spent almost all night wondering. The next morning we got the information via a conference call with the adoption specialist that a birth mother had chosen us for her son. We immediately began our journey as if being on the reality show "Amazing Race" as we could not wait to get to the hospital! Then came the highlight--arriving and finally seeing our son. No words can contain and describe our feelings, it was more than LOVE at first sight! We saw through our son’s wide-opened eyes the expression, "Here I AM, Mom, Dad, your wait is FINALLY OVER!” Tears of JOY welled up and from that moment on we just held him for as long as we could, savored every passing moment, every sound and motion he made. The years of emotional ups and downs that we experienced trying to build a family was replaced by PURE LOVE. It was indeed WORTH the WAIT! And in a heartbeat, we are just as willing to do it all over again if given another chance--GOD-willing...

Our Leisure Time
Fun With Goofy

We enjoy simple things. We are fortunate that Ed’s work is not too far from home which allows us to spend lots of quality time together. We get to visit and enjoy close-by park district playground frequently. On weekends, we make sure we set aside adequate time for church, family and friends or just bonding by ourselves.

During the warmer season, we enjoy doing yard work together, playing outdoor sports like badminton, volleyball, tennis, swimming, cooking out, riding bicycles, walking, day trips to nearby amusement parks, car shows, and attending neighborhood and community events on special holidays.

In the cold weather months, we like to watch movies and sports at home, play indoor games like foosball, host dinner for family and friends and try new places to eat out. We especially like snow days as we enjoy playing a lot in the snow, Joel riding his toboggan and making snowman and snow angels.

On long weekend holidays or longer breaks, we love to take our son on long driving trips to explore new places. We’ve also taken Joel for visits to the Philippines already five times to date.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Date Night!

Ed About Mannie: Mannie is a very loving, compassionate, unselfish and generous person. She is very pious who goes to daily mass, responsible and thoughtful as she never forgets special occasions of families and friends. She really has good moral values and God-fearing that make her loved by almost every person she encounters. Also, she has the patience of a saint and perseverance to work out things that do not go our way. I like that she is concerned about our health and makes sure that she serves healthy meals. I see that Joel appreciates such qualities.

Mannie About Ed: Ed is a very loyal and devoted husband and dad. He always makes sure Joel and I are given top priority. He is very patient, understanding, conscientious, generous, and sympathetic not just to us but other people as well. He has a great sense of humor, which both my son and I love so much about him. Ed is handy and smart who tries his best to learn new ideas and fix things. This influences Joel to be inquisitive as well. He is also a very accommodating person, which Joel picked up as he is quite an entertainer himself!

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