We have so much love to share and we are extremely grateful that you're taking the time to learn more about our family. We may be on different paths on this journey but we are all here to provide a wonderful life for your child. We can promise that they will be loved and cared for in a happy home full of laughter and family.

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Jeff Martina
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Advertising Public Programs Manager
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration Bachelor's Degree in Biology
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Dream Vacation
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What It Means to Be Parents
Cheering On the Patriots

We are parents to an amazing 4-year-old girl, so we’ve already had our lives completely change forever for the better. When we envision our future, however, we see it as a larger family with kids playing and growing up together. We both grew up with two siblings and as adults, they (and their spouses) are some of our best friends. We have an empty feeling right now that our family is not yet complete. We look forward to sharing our lives with another child and want our daughter to be able to have a sibling to also share her love with.

The thing we like the most about being parents is the pure and simple joy that a child brings to our lives. Everyone has tough times and stressful days, but a child’s innocence and unconditional love has a magical way of just making everything right. We both strive everyday to make sure our daughter is happy/healthy/safe and we can’t wait to share the same love/joy with our new family member. There are a lot of amazing things about being parents, but the way they look you in the eyes every morning and when you tuck them in at night is all we need to keep working as hard as we can to give them the best life possible.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
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We have been in love for 18 amazing years. There is a mutual respect we have for one another and we still have the same passion for each other that we did when we fell in love. We both have a great sense of humor and we try not to take life too seriously. We certainly have serious aspects of our life, like the safety/well-being of our daughter, our careers, etc, but being able to “go with the flow” with what life throws at us has helped us remain balanced and constant partners.

Jeff About Martina: Martina is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. It sounds cliche, but it’s true. She stole my heart almost half a lifetime ago and she still makes me smile. She has a bubbly personality, a passion for all living creatures and a zest for life. Her qualities that I admire are endless, but just when I thought I couldn’t love another human being anymore, in came our daughter and my loving wife became a super mom.

Martina About Jeff: Jeff is forever endearing and would give you the shirt off his back. He is wonderfully loyal and fully committed to everyone in his life. He has the ability to make friends every where he goes while still making each person in his life feel special. He is truly an amazing parent with patience, love, and values guiding his parenting decisions.

Our Adventures
At a Pirate Parade

Life is an adventure. We are both capable of sitting still and soaking up the everyday joys that we have, but we also don’t wait for life to come to us. We seek adventure.

We both individually pursued drastic career changes at different points in our lives and we were both there to support each other, encouraging each other to chase our dreams. As nice as our life was in the Midwest in our late 20’s with two decent jobs, our first house, a dog and a support network of family/friends, we both became anxious to see what else this giant world had to offer and we collectively decided we needed a change of scenery. It wasn’t easy, but 9 years later, we’re grateful that we were able to successfully begin a new chapter in our lives in sunny Florida. Even with the beaches nearby, we’re constantly exploring new places, traveling to fun destinations and constantly visiting Disney World, which really seems to be the most magical place on earth with all the family fun we have!

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