We are so excited to be considered for the blessing of adopting your child! We have a family and a life filled with love that we cannot wait to share. We believe that the journey of our lives has led us to adoption and that there is a little someone out there for us waiting to be welcomed into our hearts and home. We sincerely hope to share this adventure with you!

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Zeb Nicole
job description
Integration Engineer Artist
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Some College - Studied Graphic Arts
Dream Job
Author or Poet
Dream Job
Disney Animator
Collecting Baseball Cards
Crafting/Making Things
Memory with a Child
Taking Our Nephew to the Zoo
Memory with a Child
Watching Star Wars With Our Nephew
Family Activity
Baseball Games With the Whole Family
Family Activity
Board Game Nights
Vacation Spot
Walt Disney World
Vacation Spot
Walt Disney World
Legally Married

Leisure Time
Met a Dragon Friend at Disney World

We are a fun-loving couple always eager to seek out new adventures, even when those adventures don't take us far from home. We are both avid readers, so bookstores and libraries are places we can frequently be found. We love museums for all of the cool things you can see and learn, and we both love animals, so zoos and aquariums are particular favorites. Whenever we travel, we always seek to try new things, be it eating new foods or seeing new places. We also love to attend live concerts and live theater whenever a good show comes nearby.

Nicole has creativity in her DNA, so she can usually be found creating something new, be it new artwork, new plush toys, new costumes, or many other things. Zeb is passionate about music, often spending time discovering new bands or rediscovering old favorites. We are both big animation fans - Disney in particular - so we love to visit Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California every opportunity we get.

We also both love to volunteer in our free time, as we strongly believe that giving back makes the world a better place. Nicole has many times volunteered for educational programs at our local zoo; Zeb has offered time to disaster relief efforts. And we both regularly volunteer at local fundraisers for children's charities. These are all things we can't wait to share with our child, and hope to spark their passion in the future!

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
We Love Visiting Historic Places

Nicole loves that Zeb is patient, supportive husband who wakes her up every morning with a smile and kiss. He sends a text message every day while he's at work just so she knows he loves her. Zeb's quiet enthusiasm and positivity is very uplifting, and his hugs can make a bad day feel right again. "He is always willing to listen when I have a problem, and willing to help in whatever way he can," says Nicole. "I love that he is so dedicated. He is always there for me." She feels these qualities will help him be a patient and loving father to any child he raises.

From the first day that they met, Zeb has always loved Nicole's energy and passion for life. Her smile is beautiful and her excitement is infectious whenever something sparks her interest and her eyes light up. Zeb also loves her creativity, and he loves her heart; she always goes out of her way to make sure that others feel welcome, and she is full of compassion for anyone who is hurting. "Whenever I'm having a rough time," Zeb says, "She always finds some way to make me smile. She is my soulmate." He believes that she will be an amazing mother, with a heart so big and so much love to give.

Adoption in Our Lives

Adoption has always been a part of our lives, in many different ways. We have several good friends who were adopted, or who have adopted children into their homes. We have family members who have placed children for adoption, and other family members who have adopted children themselves. Many of these adoptions have crossed racial or cultural lines. Zeb grew up down the street from a neighborhood friend who was adopted, so it has always seemed like a natural, wonderful thing. Nicole's family, too, took in one of her brother's teenage friends when that friend's family abandoned him, and he became just like one of their own.

Our adopted friends have been an invaluable source of information and support as we have moved forward in our own adoption journey. Without exception, our friends and family have been very supportive of our plan to adopt and they cannot wait to meet our newest family member!

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