Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family a little better! If given the chance, we will provide your child with endless affection, stability, fun, laughter and hugs. From the moment we adopted our son, we fell in love with him, and we cannot wait to become parents again. We admire you for considering adoption and would embrace the chance to walk through this journey with you.

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Adam Rachel
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Physical Therapist & Clinic Owner High School English Teacher
Doctor Physical Therapy Master's Degree in Curriculum & Instruction
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Family Activity
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Memory with a Child
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Adoption in Our Lives
A Very Happy Family

Adoption is tremendously important in our lives because our son Asher came to us through adoption. After many struggles to have children on our own, we chose adoption as the way to grow our family. We are so thankful we made this choice because we cannot imagine life without Asher. We are so in love with him and proud of him. He never ceases to amaze us.

We know our life is only as happy as it is because of the decision Asher’s birth mother made to choose us to raise him. Although she chose not to meet us, she wanted to receive pictures and letters. We put so much detail into our letters because we have such deep gratitude for Asher’s birth mother and we want her to know he is happy and thriving.

When we tell Asher about his adoption, we explain that his birth mother’s circumstances did not allow her to raise him, so she carefully chose a family that would love him endlessly and provide him with a great life. He will know how much his birth mother loved him because we will always express this. We will discuss adoption as openly and honestly with a second child.

From the day Asher was born, Rachel has been completing a journal that narrates everything from the first time we held him to the experience in the hospital to the stories of the family and friends he met each day and the little and big milestones he achieves. We can’t wait until he grows up, and we can share his unique adoption story with him as well as the pictures and videos we have taken along the way.

Our Lifestyle
Enjoying the Sunset

Our family lives a fun, exciting and comfortable life. In our home, we laugh at each other’s silly jokes, sing along to songs, watch our favorite shows, play games, cook meals, read books and play with our son and dog. While we love family time, we also have individual interests we look forward to sharing with our children. Adam is a multi-sport athlete, photographer, singer, sports enthusiast and great griller. Rachel cooks our meals, exercises, runs, makes jewelry and loves arts and crafts. We will also embrace all of our children’s interests.

We are fortunate to be able to do home improvement projects, go to sporting events, visit family in other states, eat out at great restaurants, enjoy concerts and performances, and travel out of the country. We take our son to local zoos, pools, parks, children’s museums, and Lake Michigan where he can feel the warm sand on his feet and dip his toes in the cool water. We also want to take our children to Disney World to meet Mickey and the crew, Washington D.C. to see the amazing monuments and beach destinations to play in the sand and water. We plan to visit and explore other locations we love (Puerto Vallarta, Costa Rica, Paris, Rome and Barcelona) and places we have not been.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Super Couple!

Adam About Rachel: Rachel is the most caring, loving person I have ever met. She was meant to be a mother, and she is shining brightly in that role. From the moment she laid eyes on our son Asher, the tears began flowing and there was instantaneous unconditional love. It’s really amazing watching her interact with Asher, and she seems to know what to do and when to do it; she’s very instinctual. When it comes to me, I couldn’t ask for a better friend and partner. She is fiercely loyal and always makes great efforts to keep me up when I’m not having a great day. She is extremely selfless and I think this is why her friendships are so meaningful and tight. She is the light of my life, and she lights up any room the second she walks in with a great big smile and a playful laugh. She is truly captivating in every way, a real life Jackpot!

Rachel About Adam: Adam is THE BEST husband, father and friend. His giant heart is what I love most about him. Close seconds are his generosity, loyalty, sense of humor, confidence and curiosity for life. There is never a dull moment when Adam is around. He is a doting and proud father who is patient and firm, but also super silly and fun. He is hands-on with our son Asher, feeding him, reading books to him, snuggling with him and teaching him new things. When it comes to our dog Rosie, he brushes her and holds her during thunderstorms until she stops shaking. Adam is our rock. He is remarkably strong: he has the ability to take what life throws at him and to make the best of the situation. Adam does everything he can to make sure the people around him are happy. I can’t wait to watch my hubby become a father again.

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