We knew from the moment we met that we were meant to be together. We have been trying to grow our family for over five years now and am thankful for the opportunity that adoption brings. We have so much to offer to a child and are anxiously awaiting to open our arms, home and life. We will love our child unconditionally. Being strong parents, we will be able to motivate and support a child to do whatever they want to do with their life.

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Brett Beth
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Information Systems Owner/Attorney
Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems Juris Doctorate Law Degree
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Live in Rome for a Summer
Dream Vacation
Ice Cream
Holiday Tradition
Being Around Family
Holiday Tradition
Having to Follow Clues Around the House to Find Easter Baskets
Dan Brown
John Grisham
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Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives
With Beth's Family

One of the things that makes us unique is our personal connection to adoption. Beth’s older sister, Padty, was placed for adoption at birth. It was a hard decision for her mother, and is one that she and Beth have discussed. About 20 years ago, Padty reached out to Beth and her mother to reconnect with her birth family. Even though Beth grew up being the oldest in her home, she found that it is wonderful to have a big sister and is so happy Padty reconnected with her family! Padty is part of every holiday and family gathering and she and Beth have a wonderful relationship.

The most unique part is that Beth's personal connection to adoption doesn't stop there - she also has a younger sister, of Korean descent, named Amber. Amber was adopted by Beth's father and step mother when Amber was 3 months old. Beth was a big part of that adoption and was even allowed to name Amber! There is a large age gap between them, but she is every part of the younger sister Beth could have hoped for. Adoption has been and continues to be a big part of Beth's life. We can only hope that we can do for your child what adoption has done for her sisters!

Why We Chose Adoption

Having children is very important to both of us. Adoption was always an option for us from the beginning. We went through all the normal routes to have children – natural, in vitro fertilization and even an egg donor. After multiple failed attempts we realized that it was not in the cards for us. Having been exposed to both sides of adoptions, we understand how important a decision it is for a birth mother and that the child will be loved and cared for with every ounce of love we have.

We know that the birth mother is looking for a family that can give that to her child. We have plenty of room in our home and our hearts. We bought the house we are in now with the thought of filling the rooms with children. We can’t imagine not being able to share everything we have with a child. We have spoken to our parents about our decision and they have been very supportive. They can’t wait to have another grandchild. We will be open and honest with the child and my parents and sisters have unique perspectives that they can speak to when the child is ready.

What it Means to Become Parents
Beth with Our Nephew

What it means to be a parent is something different for everyone. For us, it is being able to give a child a loving, caring, open and honest environment. It means being able to communicate and give the support to a child for them to make their dreams become reality. Our parents gave us the strength and courage to go after what we wanted and we hope to be able to do that for our child. Hard work and dedication is something we were both instilled with growing up. Parenting, like any relationship, takes both of these to work.

Being a parent means allowing a child to grow up into a healthy, happy person. One of the things we will most enjoy is being able to share our heritage, our family traditions and our love to a child. Allowing them to have their own personality and supporting them in whatever endeavor and whomever they become is the greatest gift we can offer. Once of the things we will most enjoy is being able to share our heritage, our family traditions and our love to a child.

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