We are very excited about this journey that we have started. We have been waiting a long time to have a family and we are so thankful that you are reading our profile. We cannot wait to share our love and our lives with a child. We have so much to offer that we think we will be great parents. We would love if you read a little more about us.

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Joaquin Mariana
job description
Teacher Claims Representative
Master's Degree Master's Degree
Playing Guitar
Dream Job
Play In a Rock Band
Dream Job
Own My Own Business
Memory with a Child
Playing with the Children in My Family at Christmas Time
Memory with a Child
Talking with My Niece on Our Walk to the Park
Weekend Cookouts
Annual Camping Trip
Queretaro, Mexico
San Miguel Allende, Mexico
Legally Married

Our Cultural Heritage
Vacationing in Playa Del Carmen

We both grew up in Mexico. Joaquin's family is from Mexico, his grandfather and great-grandfather were from Spain. Mariana's father is from Mexico and her mother is from Minnesota. We grew up embracing the different cultures of our families, and combined them all to make our unique family traditions. Joaquin's family incorporated to their favorite meals Spanish dishes; Mariana's family incorporated American holidays like Easter egg hunting. Both of us have brought our backgrounds to make our own traditions that reflect our heritage. Joaquin likes to modify some recipes to be a little more Mexican - he likes to add hot peppers to them.

Just like our parents incorporated the different cultures that make up our families, we will do the same for the child. We know it is very important to know your background; it makes us who we are. We will also add the child’s heritage to ours, just like we did when we got married. A big part of who we are is our language, Mariana's mom always spoke to her in English since that was her mother tongue. We want to do the same for our family, we want to teach the little one to speak Spanish and be bilingual like us.

Our Leisure Time
We Love to be Outdoors

We love the outdoors! We do outdoor activities all year round. In the summer we go out to the lake and paddle board, and we also go camping. All year we hike and ride our mountain bikes, and in the winter we go skiing. There is something about being outdoors that clears the mind, and we get to see amazing places with spectacular views. We would love to share all of this with your child and make many wonderful memories.

Joaquin plays the guitar and the drums, he is pretty good. He likes to learn to play his favorite songs, but what he really likes is to jam. Mariana likes arts and crafts; she has painted a few canvases that are not too bad. She also loves the challenge of a puzzle or figuring out how to make paper flowers.

Going to concerts is also something that we enjoy very much, we both like music. We like all type of music, so we go to all different type of concerts; we go to the symphony to listen to classical music, we also go to rock and heavy metal concerts.

Discussing Adoption

We know how important it is going to be for the child to know all about where he or she came from and how him or her became part of our life and family. There is no question in our mind that we will talk openly about adoption in our house, with the child, our family and friends. We have already started talking to our family and friends about it, we want them to understand what it means to us and what it will mean to the child. We want them also to know how to answer questions that the child might have and be sensitive to the child's needs.

At every stage of the child's life we will talk about adoption, as a toddler we will use books, as he/she grows we will talk about it in terms appropriate to his/her age. We will also let him/her know all about you, it is very important to us that the child learns about you because you are part of his/her life.

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