We're a fun-loving couple with a happy home full of love, and we can't wait to continue to build our family through adoption. We're honored that you're considering us as adoptive parents, and our son Max as a brother, for your child. We look forward to lots of adventures as a family, and are excited to nurture the child's unique talents and abilities, while teaching love, respect, and kindness.

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Adam Jen
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President of Non-Profit Organization College Professor
Master's Degree in Environmental Ph.D. in Environmental
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Hiking in Patagonia
Dream Vacation
Trip Around the World
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Family Activity
Visiting the Farmer's Market
Driving Jeeps on the Beach
Our "Snuggle-In" Weekend Before Christmas
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Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives
All Smiles

We adopted our son, Max, after several years of infertility and a year of waiting to adopt. We got to meet his birth parents and spent two days with them at the hospital for his birth. The experience of learning about Max before he was born, then meeting him at the hospital was a profound and life-changing experience that we will never forget. We were amazed and overtaken by the loving and selfless gift his birth parents gave to him and to us. While we had been hoping for a child for a long time before Max was born, we could not have imagined the immense joy we felt when holding him in our arms. Since we adopted Max, we cannot tell our story enough. Several friends and acquaintances have heard our story and come to us for advice about adopting. We tell them it has been a truly wonderful experience and encourage them to pursue it. Aside from our direct experience with adoption, we also have several friends who have adopted. Jen’s cousin was adopted, and he adopted his own son. We are happy that our children will grow up around other children who were adopted. We feel nothing but happiness about our decision to start our family through adoption, and we’re very excited to grow our family more by adopting another child.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Grabbing Lunch on the Beach

Jen About Adam: Jen loves, admires, and respects Adam because he is a kindhearted, loving, and caring man who is always eager to help friends and family. He is smart, calm, and patient when problems arise, making him a great fixer and problem solver. When our friend hurt her back in a car accident and couldn’t lie down, Adam brought over our recliner and modified it so she could sit and sleep in it. She was able to recover after many weeks, thanks to his creativity and generosity. Adam’s cheerful, positive attitude and giving spirit is infectious and those qualities all make him a wonderful person and an outstanding father.

Adam About Jen: Adam loves, admires, and respects Jen because she is kind, smart and looks out for others. She is the most amazing mother that laughs and plays and doesn’t get frustrated at little things. She is always giving people support, and encouraging them to try new things. Recently we hiked to a waterfall and Jen said, “Let’s jump in!” It was a blast and completely spontaneous. That’s the sort of thing that makes Jen happy, not a lot of ‘stuff’. She prefers to spend quality time with people or getting outside and exploring. Jen has a positive outlook on life that focuses on what truly matters. Combined with her strong morals, she inspires the people around her to brush off little annoyances and try to do the right thing. She has an infectious joy for life that draws people to her.

Our Family Traditions
Spending Time with Jen's Family at Turkey Trot

We have many traditions that we’ve started since we’ve been together. One of our favorites is our Thursday pizza nights. We make pizza with homemade crust and we eat it while we watch movies or TV all evening. It’s a great way to take time out from the week to spend an evening together. Sundays are also a day of fun for us. We like to get outside to go for a walk, run, or ride bikes in the morning. Another favorite tradition is our “snuggle-in” day at Christmas time every year. We think it’s important to take a break from busy holiday activities, so we hang out inside in our pajamas. We build a fire in the fireplace, order pizza, watch Christmas movies, bake cookies, listen to Christmas songs, and play with Max and our dog, Peanut. Some other favorite traditions are running the “Turkey Trot” race on Thanksgiving with Jen’s family, exchanging oversized Christmas stockings with Adam’s family, and baking Christmas cookies with Jen’s family. We plan to share all of these traditions with our children for many years to come.

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