We are on a journey to find our missing piece! We are excited to begin this adventure and feel that adoption is such a special and unique way to continue our journey as a family. As you get a glimpse of us and our story we are thrilled at the possibility of you and your child becoming part of our family puzzle.

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Chris Sara
job description
Locomotive Engineer Second Grade Teacher
Some College Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education
George Clooney
Tom Hanks
Childhood Memory
Trips to Minnesota Fishing
Childhood Memory
Being at Grandmother's Greenhouse/Veggie Stand
Dream Job
Own a Blacksmith Shop
Dream Job
Children's Book Author
Building/Fixing Computers
Reading & Creating Things for My Class
Musical Group
Musical Group
Legally Married

10 Pieces of Our Puzzle
Made with Love- Just Like Our Family

1. We are a fun loving exciting couple waiting to find the missing piece to our family puzzle.

2. Chris loves to cook and he makes an excellent pot of chili! He has even been known to win the local chili cookoff!

3. Sara is a master coordinator and organizer. Everyone turns to her to plan any event or activity, and keep everyone on the right path. She thinks of every detail.

4. We love Christmas. We put up four Christmas trees in our house with one that is nine feet tall.

5. Chris is a Star Wars nerd. He reads all the books, knows the movies by heart, and even watches the cartoons!

6. Sara loves polka dots. She uses them in her classroom, wears them often, and even gets gifts full of them.

7. We love to go to the theatre! Musicals are our favorite and we try to see at least one show a year.

8. Chris is a jack of all trades, he is good with his hands and can do most anything! He’s our first call for help with all technology.

9. Sara loves Dr. Seuss. She has a collection of his books and stuffed animals to match, and would love to share them with our child.

10. We are creative and can accomplish anything together! (remodeling our house, decorating Sara’s classroom, making DVDs for special family occasions, and completing our adoption book and video)

How Adoption has Affected Us
Already Prepared for Our Little One to Help Us Cheer for the Irish!

Adoption is not a new experience for our families. Chris' mother was adopted out of an orphanage at the age of four. Chris' grandparents decided at the beginning that it was important for his mom to know her biological siblings. They helped reunite the siblings at birthdays and holidays as they grew up. Chris' mom is still in contact with her biological siblings.

Sara's aunt adopted two children as infants and had one biological son. Sara's family was open in talking about adoption.

Also, through teaching Sara has had the opportunity to work with and develop relationships with some families who have experienced adoption. Many of these adoptions have been international adoptions, so she has had the opportunity to experience firsthand the importance of diversity and bringing many cultural experiences into a child's life. Both Chris and Sara have known families who have adopted through their church family and know that they are resources that they can utilize as they continue on this adoption journey.

Leisure Time
Searching for the Perfect Pumpkin!

We love spending time together but also have separate interests. Together you may find us watching sports and movies, reading books and discussing them, or talking politics. We attend mass every weekend, and usually have a large family dinner on Sundays. We love spending time together and we love being with our family.

Separately, you may find Chris in the kitchen trying out a new recipe, perfecting his chili, or grilling. He may also be frying fish for the Knights of Columbus Lenten fish fry, or deep frying turkeys. During the winter, Chris can be found playing video games or working on computers. He also loves being outside. Outside he can be seen working in the yard, sprucing up the house, playing golf, or hunting.

On the other hand, you will find Sara more indoors. She loves teaching and she will be the first to tell you that teaching is more than just a job, it is a hobby. Sara enjoys making creative things for her classroom from bulletin boards to fun projects for her class. She loves books. Sara is in a book club, but she also collects children's books. She loves books and would love to share this hobby with our child. Sara is known to crochet blankets, decorate for the holidays, play some piano, and decorate our home. She also has a knack for always finding the perfect gift for someone to make them feel special or brighten their day.

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