Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us and the love we have for each other, our families and our future child. We cannot wait to grow our family and become parents. We are a fun-loving couple who enjoys music, sports and traveling. We promise to raise your child in a happy home, filled with laughter, encouragement and unconditional love!

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Trent Ashley
job description
Marketing Database Analyst Quality Assurance Underwriting Analyst
Bachelor's Degree in Actuarial Science Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
George R. R. Martin
Nicholas Sparks
Volleyball, Collecting Vinyl Records
Photography, Baking, Gardening
Musical Group
Blink 182, Kings of Leon
Musical Group
Kings of Leon, Mumford & Sons
Dream Job
Major League Baseball General Manager
Dream Job
Fashion Blogger
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives
We Can't Wait to Become Parents

Adoption has always been in our hearts since the beginning of our relationship. Ashley knew from a young age that there was a possibility that she wouldn’t be able to have biological children. Adoption was something that we talked about prior to getting married and we knew even if we were able to have biological children that we would still want to adopt to expand our family.

Trent’s mom was adopted and seeing the love between her and Trent’s grandparents makes us that much more excited to adopt. She grew up always knowing she was adopted, but it was a closed adoption. She had the opportunity to connect with her birth family over the past few years, including three siblings that she now talks with frequently. Going through this experience with Trent’s mom has made us more confident in the decision of wanting an open adoption if that is something you are also wanting.

Ashley also has a close cousin who recently adopted. They have an open relationship and we have been fortunate to witness how great an open adoption benefits the child and the entire family. Ashley’s cousin and her husband and son live within ten minutes of us in the same town and we are excited to have our children grow up together.

Our Lifestyle
Relaxing at Home

We embody a fun and active lifestyle that we hope to continue as a family. In the Spring and Summer, we like to be outside as much as possible. Our favorite activity is enjoying Ashley’s parents’ pool on the weekends. We also like going on walks, reading a book on our front porch, going to the farmers’ market downtown on Saturday mornings, and cookouts with friends and family.

Once Fall comes around, we enjoy going to apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and making s’mores over a fire-pit. In the Winter, we enjoy watching a movie with some popcorn either in the theater or at home on the couch. We are big Chicago Blackhawks and Bears fans and try to watch as many games as we can. We look forward to watching movies, playing in the snow and building a snowman with our child.

Trent plays volleyball and enjoys golfing with his Dad and brothers. He also hosts game night where they play cards and board games while enjoying Trent’s record collection. Ashley enjoys keeping up with today’s fashion and listening to new music. She also loves reading a good book, photography, baking goodies, gardening, and hanging out with friends. Together we love going to sporting events, cooking new recipes at home, attending concerts to hear our favorite bands, and traveling often.

We can’t wait to play board games, go to the park and have dance parties in the kitchen with our child and incorporate our child’s interests into our lives!

Addressing Cultural Diversity

We live in a very diverse community that embraces and celebrates different ethnicities and cultures. This is true for our neighborhood as well and your child will be attending school with diverse classrooms. Your child will also be exposed to a local Cultural Festival in town that unites different ethnicities through music, dance, art and fellowship.

Both of us were raised to treat everyone with respect regardless of their race, beliefs or cultural background, or any differences for that matter. We promise this child will be raised with those same values that we were taught. We want this child to learn about, respect and experience different cultures and we feel fortunate that we live in an environment that is not only receptive to, but encourages these differences.

We also look forward to traveling with our child across the U.S., and even to other countries, so that he or she will be exposed to new and exciting environments.

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