We cannot express in words how in awe we are of the strength you have demonstrated. To choose us to be your child's parents would mean the world to us. We are a warm and caring family with lots of love to share with you and your child. Thank you for reading our profile, we hope that you consider taking this journey with us.

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Bruce Talia
job description
Graphic Designer Interior Designer
Pursuing a Bachelor's in Graphic Design Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design
Holiday Tradition
Ugly Sweaters on Christmas Day
Holiday Tradition
Carving Pumpkins with My Dad for Halloween
Childhood Memory
Picking Strawberries with My Grandparents
Childhood Memory
My First Trip to the Beach
Dream Job
Creative Director for Top Ad Agency
Dream Job
Music Editor for Rolling Stone Magazine
Quality about my Spouse
Her Sense of Adventure
Quality about my Spouse
His Kindness
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle

Our lifestyle tends to revolve around family. We spend a lot of time with Talia’s parents who live with us. We go to movies together, eat out, and take vacations. Travel is incredibly important to us; we take one big international trip a year and then several smaller trips around the US. We are excited to introduce your child to our love of travel and help them experience the world.

Exploring D.C. with a Friend

We both work full time but Talia works from home 3 days a week and Bruce works from home one day a week. We spend our free time together working on our home either completing chores inside or out in the garden. We also enjoy hosting a monthly game night with friends.

Since we live so close to D.C., we go downtown to museums, restaurants, sporting events, and concerts on a fairly regular basis. We love having the best of both worlds in easy reach. The quiet country life for your child to grow up in and the city nearby to take advantage of educational and recreational activities.

Our Passions
The Nursery We Designed for This Child

We are avid designers. Talia is an interior designer and Bruce is a graphic designer. We spend a lot of time working on creative projects together, our house being one of our greatest passions. We work as a team to design our spaces to reflect our hobbies and interests. We collaborate often to help friends with wedding invitations, or presents to celebrate milestones. Our latest collaboration was designing the nursery for your child to come home to. We cannot wait to share these passions with your child, teaching them art, taking them to new places, trying new foods, and learning to embrace adventure. We believe inspiration can come from anywhere and we think your child will be the greatest source of inspiration we will ever have.

Adoption in Our Lives

Adoption brought Talia her best friend in the world. She was adopted at nine months from South Korea. They met at a summer architecture program in high school and have been inseparable ever since. Her parents are the kind of adoptive parents we want to be, they explained her adoption from an early age using Cabbage Patch dolls and their adoption certificates. They were able to instill confidence and love throughout her life. Through their guidance, she has been exposed to both the culture she was born into and the one she was raised with. She has been our guiding light through the adoption process thus far and gives us confidence that your child will grow up to be as amazing and accomplished an individual.

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