We would like to thank you for taking the time to review our profile and learn about us. We are a warm and loving couple that has fun together, laughs often and enjoys life. We are so excited to become parents through adoption and can't wait to share our lives with the new addition to our family.

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Nicolas Erin
job description
Foreign Law Specialist Teacher
Law Degree Master's Degree
Family Activity
Family Activity
Building Model Airplanes
Baking Desserts
Dream Vacation
Trip Around the World
Dream Vacation
Italian Countryside
Anything Erin Makes
My Mom's Peanut Butter Cookies
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
We Love Spending Time Outside with Our Dog, Ivy

We do not get bored easily, as we have a wide variety of hobbies. To relax, we both like to read, watch movies, and Nicolas likes to play the occasional video game. But we are also very social, and often meet up with our friends to play board games or go out together. In addition, we like to spend time outdoors, and love to go hiking with our dog whenever the weather is nice.

Erin loves to cook and bake, and can prepare the most amazing and delicious dishes! Her favorite food to make is chocolate chip cookies! Erin also loves to garden, and has a plot at the local community garden. She grows all kinds of vegetables, which she then enjoys cooking for her family and friends to enjoy. Erin also loves to play the piano, and has fun playing Christmas songs during the holidays as our niece and nephews sing along.

Nicolas has a big artistic side, and likes to paint. When our niece and nephews come to visit, they always ask for Nicolas to paint with them, which is a lot of fun for everyone! Painting is something Nicolas learned from his dad, and he looks forward to passing this skill on to a child someday. Nicolas also likes to build model airplanes, and loves anything having to do with aviation. We look forward to sharing these interests with this child!

Education We will Provide

A good education starts at home, and we feel that we are particularly well prepared to provide a high quality learning environment for the child. We plan on introducing the child to the French language from a young age, so that he or she may feel comfortable when we go to France and see Nicolas’ French relatives. Since Erin has a good level of Spanish, we would also like to encourage the child to learn that language from an early age. But in any case, we plan on providing the child with a well-rounded education and exposure to many different fields, from history and literature to math and science. We want to find fun ways to encourage curiosity and a love for exploration and learning. We think that a good education is incredibly important to get ahead in the world, and will support the child on whatever path he/she wishes to take.

Our Favorite Vacation Spot
One of Our Trips to Paris

We love to travel and discover new places, so it is hard to pick a single favorite vacation spot. But if we had to choose, it would be a small village deep in the French countryside called Bozouls. One of Nicolas’ aunts was born there, in an old farmhouse which is now owned by his cousins. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place! Rolling hills, lush forests, cows munching quietly in green pastures, a quaint village with the ancient ruins of a medieval castle. It is a place that seems to be straight out of a fairy tale. After we went last summer, some of our best memories were of warm and sunny days visiting nearby castles or hiking in the wooded hills, and then eating dinner out in the garden, where the only other sounds were the birds and the whisper of a soft summer breeze. Many times, we have thought about how great it would be to bring a child to that place, where he or she could safely explore and discover the wonders of nature and the rich local culture.

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