We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us! If we have done our job well, you will get a glimpse into our lives filled with loud laughter, family dinners, dog hair, faith and robust love. We are excited to meet the child God has in mind for us. You must have so much to think about right now but we want you to know we cherish you and your baby.

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George Moira
job description
Business Owner Business Owner
Law Degree Bachelor's Degree
Family Activity
Talking Around the Fire
Family Activity
Sunday Dinners
Memory with a Child
Taking My Nephew to His First Cubs Game
Memory with a Child
Taking My Nephew to a Dog Show
Dream Job
Supreme Court Justice
Dream Job
Host of a Cooking Competition Show
Vacation Spot
Vacation Spot
Legally Married

Family Traditions
Celebrating Mardi Gras

Since we are very proud of our Irish heritage, we like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We quite enjoy going to our neighborhood St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We even entered a float and marched in the parade this year. Moira drove our Jeep and George followed along behind with a friend and handed out beads to the crowd. We even brought our dog, Eli, along.

We also host Easter dinner at our house, inviting family and friends over for a feast of ham, lamb and wonderful desserts. We also host Christmas Eve. Even though it can be quite cold at Christmas time, we leave the front door open in accord with an old Irish tradition that while the Holy Family could not find a place to stay on the first Christmas Eve, everyone is welcome into our house on Christmas Eve. We invite family, friends and people who otherwise would be alone for Christmas for holiday cheer and togetherness.

Favorite Vacation Spot
Selfie on the Beach in Texas

There are two vacation spots that we truly enjoy getting away to. One is County Kerry in the southwest part of Ireland where there is a family farm to visit as well as many, many relatives to see. We love the beauty of the country and the tremendous Irish hospitality. The people are warm, witty and kind and the land is green and fragrant. George loves to work with the cattle and see old friends he has known since childhood. Moira likes catching up with family and seeing more of the Irish countryside each time we visit.

Fredericksburg, Texas is another place where we love to get away. It is a small historic town in the Texas Hill Country between Austin and San Antonio. It is a charming community with fun dance halls, great BBQ and wonderfully friendly people. We love going down there for 3-4 days at a time and just relaxing in the slower pace of Fredericksburg. The town is quite picturesque and offers a lot in the way of great restaurants and family friendly entertainment. We also take drives out to the other appealing small towns in the Hill Country and do a bit of antique shopping while sightseeing. We often discuss the idea of a vacation home in Fredericksburg in our future.

Education We will Provide

We both know and cherish the value of a good education. We were both fortunate to attend Catholic schools and we would like to see our child attend Catholic schools as well. Our child will receive not only a good education but a good example and proper moral formation and faith tradition. We also intend to provide a college education. Since George has a Law degree and Moira is working on her Master’s in Business Administration, we would certainly support our child in post-graduate endeavors if he or she wants. We also want our child to be well-rounded and able to experience the world firsthand through travel, sports involvement and cultural events. First and foremost, we want to be our child to be happy and able to look at the world through interested and engaged eyes.

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