Thank you for looking at our profile and for your consideration! We are a happy, fun and loving married couple surrounded by wonderful family, friends and community. We look forward to sharing our love and doing all that we can for this child on their beautiful life journey!

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Jaimy Joey Lynn
job description
Associate Director of Finance Daycare Owner
Master's Degree in Engineering & Business Associate's Degree in Music
Dream Job
Football Player
Dream Job
Jazz and R&B Singer
Family Activity
Playing Games/Quality Time
Family Activity
Walking Our Dog to the Park
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake
Quality about my Spouse
She is So Warm, Friendly & Loving
Quality about my Spouse
He's Fun & Smart
Playing Games/Sports
Legally Married

Discussing Adoption
At the Beach

We believe discussing adoption with this child and being open about it is something that is very important. Adoption has affected us personally in many ways and we understand how being open with a child about their adoption and they knowing who their birth parents are can impact them in a positive way.

Joey, being adopted by her mom's second husband and not knowing her birth dad until she was an adult is something that has changed her life and knowing her birth father has brought her joy and peace. Also, Joey's "Pops," who was her father figure, is also adopted and he did not know his birth parents. This has been something he's always wondered about and we see how it's impacted him.

Lastly, our niece Maria, who is now five, was adopted by Jaimy's sister Anne and her husband Jim. They have been very open with Maria about her adoption. This makes for a very open, honest and loving relationship for all. We plan to be open with this child from an early age about their adoption and letting them know how loved they are.

What it Means to Become Parents

To us being parents means sharing our life, love and all that we have to offer to a precious child and helping them on their life's journey. It means teaching a child about life, the world and nurturing them so that they can gain the most out their life.

The opportunity to be able to give all of ourselves to a child is something that we know is hard work, but at the same time is one of the most important and rewarding choices one can make in their life.

To be able to share our love and life with a precious child and help them on their life's journey is a great gift. We've been married for over 10 years and for most of that time have tried to conceive a child naturally, but are unable to do so. We tried infertility treatments without success. Now, after years of discussion, contemplation and deep consideration, we've decided to move forward with the exciting decision to adopt. This will be our first child and we are very excited to become parents and to grow our family. When we envision our family post-adoption, the thought brings us deep happiness and peace, as we look forward to sharing our life, home and love with this child.

Our Pets
Our Nephews & Niece with Marley

We love our pets! Currently we have a lovable, funny and sweet 4 year old golden retriever, his name is Marley (aka. Marley-Moo). We also have a quirky and cute 14-year-old tabby cat, named Maxine (aka. Maxi-cat). They are good friends, they like to play together and snuggle up together. When we first brought Marley home as a busy 9 week old puppy, Maxine was already 10 years old and was not thrilled about having this energized fluffy puppy in the house. Over time she grew to trust him and now they play hide and seek and snuggle up together all the time. Maxine loves to sleep on Marley's dog bed and Marley loves to sleep in our recliner chair in the living room. They bring a lot of joy and fun to our lives.

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