Hello! We are incredibly excited and thankful for this opportunity to share a little bit about ourselves. We are deeply grateful to you for looking at our family profile. As a family, we laugh a lot, love each other deeply, and genuinely enjoy spending time together. We have been married eight wonderful years, and are very excited about the opportunity to grow our family.

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David Heather
job description
Music Teacher Analyst
Master's Degreein Education Bachelor's Degree in Geology
Dream Job
Rock Star
Dream Job
Marine Biologist
Memory with a Child
Directing a 5th Grade Rock and Roll Band at Our School's Talent Show
Memory with a Child
Watching My Nephew's Baptism
Quality about my Spouse
Her Smile
Quality about my Spouse
His Sense of Humor
TV Show
Modern Family
TV Show
Modern Family
Ice Cream
Cookies and Cream
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives
David with His Birth Family

Adoption has directly affected David and his siblings. David’s parents adopted all of their children. His oldest sister and brother, who are not biologically related, were adopted first. Years later, they adopted both David and his sister Kristy. Growing up in this family was a wonderful experience. His parents made sure everyone was involved in sports, music, and education. His mother lived at the ballpark and donated her time to the schools. David is very thankful for his adoption and knows that it was the best possible solution to what his birth mother was going through at the time. We want to adopt to give a child the experiences David had as a child.

Due to the state’s law being changed, original birth records were released to any adopted adult who wished to learn about their adoption and birth mother. David applied for his birth records and located his birth mother and a brother he never knew he had. They have a wonderful relationship now and visit each other twice a year.

Our Leisure Time
Canoe Trip

We spend our leisure time watching movies, playing with our dogs, canoeing, traveling, spending time with family, and every weekend we eat breakfast at our favorite diner. We are both avid football fans, and look forward to fall every year.

Heather loves to read, and is never without a book. She also loves to cook, and is always looking for new and unique recipes from all different types of cuisines. Heather is an animal lover, spends a lot of time hiking in local parks, and has all of the birds in our yard identified. Her favorite part of spring is watching the hummingbird migration and is always eagerly awaiting the first arrival.

Not a day goes by that David doesn’t play a game of chess, or tinker with his musical instruments – he has many! He enjoys spending time in the garage, fixing various things around the house, and woodworking. David loves writing music, and can play almost any instrument he comes across. David played competitive ultimate Frisbee in college, and still gets together with the guys to play.

Our Individual Strengths
Relaxing at Home

David is passionate about his role as a teacher, and genuinely loves inspiring his students. His creativity allows him to enjoy writing music, playing music, and teaching music to others. David has a gentle heart, and has an amazing ability to be the reason and calm in difficult situations. David is extremely determined in any activity or task he pursues. When David became the chess club sponsor at his school, he poured himself into the game and quickly became a master of chess. Not only this, but he actually built a chess board for Heather’s Dad for Christmas – it took him over forty hours, and the quality of the board turned out beautifully.

Heather is very positive and is able to see light in situations that others would not. Heather loves seeing the unique qualities in everyone she meets, and looks forward to happenstance conversations. She is fiercely loyal to her family and friends. She is very inquisitive, and loves to learn about everything – learning is her passion. Heather has a degree in Geology, a science that captured her imagination as a child, and is always eager to share her knowledge of rocks on long road trips.

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