Being parents brings so much joy to our lives, and we are incredibly excited to welcome a child to our family through adoption. We have a warm, loving home full of laughter and learning, and we look forward to new wonderful stories as our family grows. Your courage is inspiring - thank you for taking the time to get to know us, and we hope your story may intertwine with ours.

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Why We Chose Adoption
Happy Family

We are so thankful for the opportunity to add to our family through adoption. We considered adoption at several points throughout our marriage, and we now have such a strong feeling that this is the right choice for our family - we are excited to share our love!

We had some trouble getting pregnant, and although it was difficult to wait, we were ultimately blessed with two children. However, Megan’s pregnancies came with some very serious medical complications, and we know that adoption is the right choice for us to grow our family. We have gotten more and more excited as we’ve prepared for adoption, and we have enjoyed telling our friends and families about the possibility of adding to our family.

We have several friends who have adopted children, and some who are adopted themselves. We know how important it is to discuss adoption openly with children, and help them to know that they are loved and that families are made in many different ways. We will be sure to surround our children with other families blessed through adoption, and have open and honest discussions about their feelings. We have joined a local group for adoptive families, and we will continually seek support and advice to nurture our child.

It has been through a lot of thoughtful prayer that we came to know that this is the right decision for us, and we are very excited to welcome a future child to our family.

Our Family Traditions
Nativity Costumes are a Favorite Holiday Tradition with Cousins

We love spending time with family, and it makes us so happy to share traditions with our kids and see their excitement. Every summer we go on a camping trip with our extended family and enjoy a fun hike that ends in a big creek and beautiful waterfall. The kids play with their cousins and love exploring outside.

Fall is a lot of fun, and we all enjoy our annual Halloween party at Megan’s parents’ house. We wear costumes, everyone brings a spooky themed food, and the kids play games including a hands-free donut-eating contest.

On the kids’ birthdays, we put up a birthday banner and measure their height to see how they’ve grown. It’s so fun to see the marks on the board over the years.

Christmas is always a really special time of year. One of our favorites is our Christmas Eve celebration with family, where we eat dinner on blankets on the floor, then have a “talent night” where everyone performs something, whether they have real talent or not! We’re always cracking up by the end of the night. We also celebrate the Nativity with the kids dressed up in costumes, and the family singing Christmas songs together.

Addressing Cultural Diversity

We are blessed to live in an area that is rich with diversity, in our schools and our neighborhood. We are thankful for the range of cultures around us, and the chance for our children to grow up hearing various languages and perspectives, appreciating and respecting multicultural families and communities.

Adopting a child of a different ethnicity is something that takes preparation and thought, and we have been preparing and educating ourselves through discussion with adoptees, books and articles, and discussions within our family about how we can nurture a home of acceptance and celebration of culture. When a child joins our family, we plan to meet often with friends who have adopted, as well as continuing to spend time with friends of various cultural backgrounds. As we celebrate our similarities and differences, this child will have the chance to identify with their special heritage.

We look forward to learning of your family’s culture and traditions, and incorporating that into your child’s life from the very beginning. We will honor and celebrate your child’s ethnicity whole-heartedly, with respect and love.

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