First, we would like to say a sincerer thank you for taking a moment to look at our profile and considering us! We hope that you can see through our profile that we are a couple who is madly in love and who loves to have fun and make memories. With so much love to give, we cannot wait to be able to share with a child our warm and loving home.

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Dale Jackie
job description
Dispencing Optician Assistant Manager
Some College High School Diploma
Dream Job
Dream Job
Leisure Activity
Working in the Yard
Leisure Activity
Shopping & Pinterest
4th of July Fireworks
Sunday Dinner at Dad's
Family Activity
Hiking, Fishing & Walking the Dogs
Family Activity
Hiking, Camping & Going to the River
Sports Team
The Packers
Sports Team
The Packers
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle
Walking in the River with Sammy

We love living in Washington! Taking our dogs to the local rivers, hiking, going camping and exploring are just a few outdoor activities that we love to do. Dale recently had his Great Grandpa's 1967 Ford pickup truck passed down to him and we are very excited to take a drive into the mountains with it!

We both love photography, it is something we have had a lot of fun with! We display our photos in our home for our friends and family to see. Every vacation we have taken and every drive up the mountain is exciting for us. We never know what we will find, but there is always something we can snap a photo of and make a memory.

Our faith in God is very important to us and we are eager to be more active with church events. Recently we have been teaching Sunday School in the church nursery! It's fun to work with the little kids and teach them bible lessons we remember from our youth . It's something we look forward to our future family being a part of, as well.

Our Dogs
Sweet Bella

We have 3 family dogs and they are completely pampered and adored! Sammy is a 6-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He loves to be cuddled but snores extremely loudly! Sammy is not adventurous, he likes to go into the river but only until the water hits the bottoms of his ears, after that he puts on the breaks and is happy watching the other dogs swim around. People often admire how friendly he is, Sammy loves all people and animals.

Bella is a 3-year-old Chow Chow. Bella loves the outdoors, she is the first to jump in the rivers and always loves to go hiking and exploring. She loves being outside, even in the rain! It's quite cute to see her skipping around in the backyard in the rain!

Winchester is a 1-year-old small mix breed. He's small, but he thinks he's big! He keeps us laughing, Winchester is full of energy and spunk. Winchester and Bella are always together, they play together, go exploring together and cuddle together. Winchester has a small stuffed monkey that he carries around when he's happy or when it's bed time. The monkey was the first toy we bought for him after we left the shelter. We know our dogs will make great companions for a little one and will be so loving with him or her!

Why We Chose Adoption
We Are So Excited to be On this Journey!

We choose to adopt because it has always been in our hearts. Even before we were together. When we were dating being parents was a subject that we were both very clear on. We both wanted to adopt and for different reasons.

Jackie has been diagnosed with PCOS and is not able to have children. When she was a little girl she always talked about having kids. Jackie always wanted to have biological children and adopt three children. Now as an adult, she still hopes to have children by adoption.

Dale has always wanted to adopt because his grandfather was adopted. He has a big heart that has always wanted to give a child a loving and supportive home. God has blessed us with each other and our marriage. We fully believe that our prayers for a family will also be answered!

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