Adventure is out there and we are looking forward to our next adventure... ADOPTION. We are excited about finding our missing family member through adoption and very grateful that you are considering this difficult choice. We invite you to look through our profile and hope that you see the love, silliness, and faith we have to share. Thank you for considering us to be a part of your family.

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Derek Stephanie
job description
Palletizer Teacher
Bachelor's Degree in Education Master's Degree in Education
Family Activity
Family Activity
Family Fun Time Just Being Together - Walking,, Bowling, Mini-Golfing, etc.
Musical Group
Musical Group
Quality about my Spouse
Her Giving Heart
Quality about my Spouse
His Unconditional Love
Frisbee Golf
Legally Married

What it Means to Become Parents
Excited to Adopt!

We are very excited to become parents. We believe parenting is raising a child - not just teaching a child how to read, tie his shoes or get dressed, but teaching them how to love, care, and respect.

We are excited to pass down family traditions to the child and see them have joy for the same events that give us joy.

We like the idea of guiding the child so they can make good decisions when we are not around. We like the idea of encouraging them when they experience failure and when they experience success. We want them to feel our pride, love and excitement for them.

We are excited for the everyday happenings of a family like bedtime stories, bathtime fun, snuggling with cartoons, cooking with them, making them breakfast on the weekend, helping them get dressed, helping them with homework, and going to all the sports games or plays or whatever they get involved in.

We know that not every day will be perfect, but our family will be perfectly imperfect and we will find joy in the off days and the good days. We will love the child on the good and bad days.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Love Watching the Waves

Stephanie About Derek: Derek is an amazing husband. He works hard for our family. Derek has a lot of energy and that comes in handy when we are with the nieces and nephews. He is so great with kids. He never yells, but he guides really well. He is supportive of me when I am having a bad day. He knows when I need a hug. He rubs my back when I grade papers or stay up late planning lessons. He is a great taste-tester even when I have a Pinterest fail. He goes along with all my crazy, crafty ideas and does all the handy-man work around the house. He makes me laugh to where I can't breathe. He spoils me with hand-written cards and date nights. I am lucky to have him and this child will be so lucky to have him as a dad!

Derek About Stephanie: Stephanie has a really big heart and loves to make people happy. Stephanie is a very good cook and I get to eat what she makes. Stephanie is an amazing teacher and has a strong passion for her students. Stephanie works very hard to make learning fun for her students. Stephanie is very good with kids and does a great job playing mom for her nephew during the summer. Stephanie has a lot of fun playing with nieces and nephews and keeping them entertained. Stephanie is a great wife and will be a fantastic mother to this child.

Fun Facts About Us:

  • We have a house divided: Derek likes Philadelphia sports teams and Stephanie likes Chicago sports teams
  • We have a cookie cake tradition for our anniversary. We change the flavor every year, but we add candles and sing to each other.
  • We had two weddings one for each of our families, because the families live so far apart from each other
  • We fill out a march madness bracket every year and the winner can choose a day trip location
  • Derek loves all fruit and would rather eat that than junk food for his night-time snack
  • Stephanie loves cooking with the crockpot
  • Derek makes a killer pie-crust
  • Derek's favorite pizza is ham and pineapple
  • We believe the most important gift for any holiday/celebration is a card
  • Most importantly, we are super excited for this child!

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