The best part of everyday is hearing our son and daughter's laughter. Our hearts are full of joy at the prospect of hearing another child's laughter join theirs. We love being parents and are so excited to add to our family through adoption. We admire your strength in considering adoption and invite you to learn more about our loving family.

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JB Ashley
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Business Owner Critical care Nurse
Professional Training Doctorate in Nursing
Family Activity
Playing on the Beach
Family Activity
Playing on the Beach
Memory with a Child
The Kids Giggling Uncontrollably
Memory with a Child
Snowball Fight with the Kids on Our Ski Trip
Quality about my Spouse
Her Unconditional Love
Quality about my Spouse
His Sense of Humor
Thing to Cook
French Toast
Thing to Cook
Christmas Cookies
Barron , Lily
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Family Traditions
Some of the Sharks Teeth We've Found

We all agree, our favorite family tradition is the Shark Tooth Challenge. Year round, any trip to the beach begins this contest. We spend part of our beach time searching for sharks teeth among the shells. The winner gets to pick dessert that night! So far JB is the reigning champ, but Barron is a very close second. It doesn’t seem to matter who wins because both boys always pick homemade milkshakes for our treat. It is lots of fun to see how many we can find.

Every Saturday night is our family movie night. We order pizza take out and eat a pizza picnic on the living room floor and watch classic Disney movies or all time family favorites. The kids love it because they get to eat in the living room, stay up late, and watch cool new movies they’ve never seen before. Each movie night, before we start the movie, we start the meal the same way we do every night of the week. Our dinners always start with a family blessing and then we tell each other about our high and our lows for the day. This is a very special time of every day for us because it allows us the opportunity to talk about our days as a family and share both the good and the bad together.

Our Children, Barron & Lily
Barron Reading to Lily

At nine, Barron is the most thoughtful, insightful child we’ve ever met. He loves to get dirty in the garden with Ashley and he is JB’s official tool-hander during any and all home projects. Barron is full of questions and is a quick learner. His favorite thing to do is build intricate Lego creations and read Harry Potter. He loves his little sister and is very protective of her. He is silly and imaginative and is always ready to help out. He loves unconditionally and is very diplomatic whenever he and Lily get into a normal sibling disagreement. He says being a big brother is “the awesome-est thing ever!” and tends to call himself “Junior Daddy.”

Lily is five and so full of personality that she shines in any situation. Her unmistakable sense of self and will power make us think that she will grow up to be a very strong leader someday. She has an infectious laugh that draws us out of a poor mood in seconds. She loves to color and dance and sing. She idolizes Barron and wants to do everything he does. Lily loves to play baby dolls and Legos equally, sometimes building baby doll accessories out of the big Duplos. When asked how she felt about being a big sister she replied “I be a Junior Mommy like Barron is my Junior Daddy!”

What it Means to Be Parents

Parenthood has filled us with unmatched happiness. We love the simple things of parenthood – belly giggles, imaginary adventures, refrigerator doors covered in artwork, big kisses to say “I love you”, and sleepy heads on our shoulders. We cherish the wide-eyed discovery of everyday things like catching a minnow in a net or seeing an osprey clutching a fish fly overhead. We love the unfiltered honesty of our children and the silliness that comes out when they play. There are thousands of things we do as parents that bring smiles to our faces. Being parents means taking the time to explain everything, teaching the child to be the best person possible. We believe that children are full members of the family, each with a special role in the family. Our family functions as a unit and we all work together. No one gets left out, whether we are going to the grocery store or on a ski trip, having children with us makes any activity more fun.

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