We are so thankful you are taking the time to view our profile. Our family is excited to discover who is missing from our home and to embrace this child through the adventures of life. It would be our privilege to make your dreams of a loving, happy, and supportive home real for your child. It takes a special person to gift their child to a family seeking adoption. We admire your strength and are grateful you are considering us.

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Shawn Gretchen
job description
Program Manager - U.S. Army Stay-at-Home Mom
Master's Degree in Military Arts and Sciences Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology
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Pumpkin Pie
Dream Vacation
Disney World
Dream Vacation
Disney World
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Visiting Pumpkin Patches in the Fall
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Type of Music
Christian/Inspirational Music
Wyatt, Grady
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Why We Chose Adoption
Visiting the Sunflower Fields

When we were dating, we shared about our hopes and dreams for the future. We used to talk for hours, late into the evening, about so many different things. One of many things we had in common was our desire to have children. We spoke even then about how incredible it would be to have the chance to adopt and those conversations have always remained as a burning spark in our hearts. We have had two children biologically and each of us know that someone is missing. We have been unable to successfully carry more children but see this as the reminder that God placed adoption on our hearts so many years ago for a reason. While we absolutely love our children, we also know there's an abundance of love still available for more in our family. The four of us could not be more joyful in the chance that someone will choose us to love their child.

We have two sons, Wyatt and Grady. Wyatt is naturally kind and views the world as a glass half full. Wyatt loves participating in sports, reading, going camping, playing outside, and being a Cub Scout. Grady is full of energy and is sensitive to others around him. He loves school, sports, playing toys, learning to read, riding his bicycle, creating art, and making crafts.

Wyatt and Grady are enthusiastic about adopting a sibling. They are both great helpers and have big plans for welcoming a new child into our home. Wyatt and Grady have always expressed a desire for more children in our family and they most look forward to having another person on "their side" in wrestling with Shawn.

We Love to Travel
Fun in St. Louis

We love to travel and look forward to visiting somewhere new each time. Our vacations are often road trips and most recently have included stops in Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, and Tennessee. When we travel we explore through playing and visiting special places. Our most popular searches are for zoos, kid-friendly museums, and historical attractions. We love trying new foods that might be local to an area and securing a hotel with a pool is always a must. We have an amazing time on our trips, but all of us would agree that our all time favorite has been Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We chose to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge right on Disney property where we woke each morning to giraffes, zebras, birds, and so many more animals right outside our window. We enjoyed a balcony where we could view nature as if we were the only ones observing. Our lodge had so much to do that we almost didn't want to leave the premises. Four of our days were spent playing in the Disney parks including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Our Disney adventure gave us some of the best family time we've experienced on a vacation and we look forward to going again some day. We are blessed with opportunities to travel and love that we get to expose our children to the world beyond our community. We are excited to make more memories through the years as our family expands through adoption.

Our Life Priorities
We Love Being Together!

Our relationships with God and our family take priority over anything else in our lives. We have learned that as we put God and our marriage first, our entire family is happy and our home runs smoothly. We are constantly focusing to build our bonds with each member of our household by encouraging all to be contributing members in our home and frequently playing together. We support each other daily such as through homework, assisting with jobs like putting away laundry, exercise, meal planning, or listening and telling stories about our day. We eat dinner together every night around our table because it's important to us. Each night our children count on their alone time with a parent to read, visit privately, and cuddle in our bedtime routine. Then we, as a couple, get time together to do the same. We feel that the stronger our relationships are with God and with our spouse, the stronger and more confident our children become and the more united we are in facing the challenges that life presents to us.

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