We are a loving couple that has been happily married for ten years. Our relationship is based on support, honesty, and communication. We adopted our son in 2015 and are so excited to share our love, joy, and happy home with another child. From the three of us, thank you for taking the time to look at our profile!

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Jeff Melissa
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Architect Architect
Bachelor's Degree in Architecture Bachelor's Degree in Architecture
Children's Book
Where the Wild Things Are
Children's Book
James and the Giant Peach
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Food Critic
Dream Job
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Going to the Zoo
Family Activity
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Game of Thrones
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Addressing Cultural Diversity
Our Happy Family

Our families always encouraged us to be open to learning about different religions, cultures, and lifestyles. We both grew up in culturally diverse communities and find strength and value in this. In Jeff’s small hometown, just walking down main street you can experience a variety of different languages and cultures. Our son, Miles, is biracial and we feel it is important for him and our future child to have an understanding and exposure to his or her ethnic and cultural heritage. We currently live in a diverse community that will allow us to provide this exposure. It was important for us to select a daycare that ensures our children will have role models with, for example, different ages, races, and religions. We will also make sure that our children are given opportunities to not only learn about our individual cultures, but also cultures we are less familiar with. There are so many different kinds of people, traditions, and points of view, and we hope to instill in our children a respect and appreciation for all cultures by reading books and traveling to different cities and countries. We will speak openly and honestly about diversity and will lead by example in our acceptance of all people.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
New Orleans

Melissa About Jeff: Jeff is strong, kind, and fearless. He is honest and hardworking and such a fun and engaged father. He is my best friend and secretly loves our spontaneous dance parties! Jeff confronts life’s challenges with a calm sense of grace that makes him a supportive and thoughtful parent. Through his love and encouragement, I feel like my life has been so enriched and filled with adventure! On the weekends, he’s usually the first person out of bed and up making coffee and scrambled eggs. I love to see him in these quiet moments playing with our son - and someday our children.

Jeff About Melissa: Melissa is outgoing, cheery, and thoughtful. This is evident through the large group of friends she regularly stays in touch with. She is also the social glue for our family, reaching out and bringing everyone together. Melissa has a strong sense of self, which has allowed her to get through rough patches in life and keep an even keel. Her sense of humor is something I enjoy the most. If there is a dull moment, she is the first to break out in dance or throw out a witty joke just to get a smile out of people. She creates a wonderful environment filled with fun, love, and learning. I couldn’t dream of a better mother for our children!

Our Life Priorities
Fun at the Pool

We always want to be exploring and learning about the world and different cultures. We love trying new things and going places where we’ve never been. Now that we are parents, this desire for exploration has changed - for the better! We love to experience the world through our son’s eyes while showing him what the world has to offer. We know that this joy will expand with the addition of this child. We are very active and are always looking for new places to visit or things to try - like feeding goats at the petting zoo! But we also appreciate quiet time at home. On weekend mornings, it’s one of our traditions to make breakfast, enjoy a cup of coffee, and just talk to each other. Whether we are out hiking or goofing around the house, our priority is to raise our children to be happy, successful, well rounded people who are fearless in the pursuit of their dreams.

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