We can’t wait to start on this journey toward parenthood and are excited to share our lives and families with a child. We look forward to playing silly games, going on road trips and reading bed time stories. We are humbled to walk this path with you and admire you for your strength and courage along the way.

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Brian Fawn
job description
User Interface Engineer Human Resources Management Specialist
Bachelor's Degrees in Media Arts & Animation, Sociology Bachelor's Degree in Journalism
Family Activity
Family Road Trips
Family Activity
Holiday Tradition
Reading the Christmas Story, Singing Carols & Santa with His Elf
Holiday Tradition
Brian's Dad Reading The Christmas Story
Dream Job
Computer Geek
Dream Job
Travel Writer
Sports Team
OU Sooners
Sports Team
OU Sooners
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle
We Love to Go Camping & Hiking!

We live a low-key, laid-back lifestyle. We love being outside and consider it our happy place. Our favorite activities include taking our boat out on the lake, camping, hiking and hanging out with our family, friends and dogs. We look forward to going to the mountains and lake every chance we get – and do so often!

From the beginning, we promised ourselves that we would invest our time and energy into obtaining as many experiences as possible! That could be as simple as finding a nearby town with a fun, local festival or as grand as visiting a new country – like Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia. We think it’s important to explore the world around you, near and far, and learn from it.

We like to try new things together: cooking meals, archery classes or berry picking. As well as old favorites: going for evening drives on dirt roads, college football games and home improvement projects. And, of course, we love spending time with our two sweet Labradors, Leia and Huck.

We’re both avid readers. We enjoy time together at home, curled on the couch with our pups and getting lost in a book. Sometimes we decide to read the same one so we can discuss, or choose a book together and read aloud. We cannot wait to be parents to this child, where we can explore and learn together – surrounding ourselves with adventures, the great outdoors and books.

Fun Facts About Us:

  • We love all animals, and both our dogs are rescues.
  • We enjoying traveling all over and try to do something “local” wherever we are, which usually includes food.
  • Brian recently had to break it to Fawn that she dances like an orangutan from the Jungle Book.
  • When Brian proposed to Fawn, it was snowing and his foot got stuck in a snowdrift. He completely ripped his pants when he fell, but she still said yes!
  • Fawn loves to try new things – a new recipe, activity or hair color.
  • Brian loves science and the stars. He even bought a telescope so he could teach Fawn all the constellations.
  • Fawn spent a month backpacking through Eastern Europe.
  • Brian is the piano player for all Christmas songs at our family celebration.
  • Fawn has a goal to read at least 30 books a year.
  • Brian can fix anything. Seriously, it’s amazing.
  • Fawn has a head full of trivia answers. She’s like a trivia ninja.
  • We both love sports and Brian thinks it’s pretty cool that Fawn can talk football.

  • What it Means to Become Parents
    Hiking with Family

    As future parents, the thing we look most forward to is watching a child grow into just the person he or she is meant to be. Our greatest hope is that your child feels supported, loved and encouraged as they discover their own path in life. To help them on that journey, these are our hopes and promises for this child:

  • Create an environment where a child is free to explore,create and use his or her imagination
  • Understand your child will have dreams of their own, and always support them in pursuit of their passions
  • Teach your child to be brave and kind
  • Be silly, play games, read stories, hug and say “I Love You” every day
  • Hike in mountains, go barefoot on beaches, dance wildly and sing loudly
  • Explore new states, national parks and foreign countries to celebrate the diversity in both nature and people
  • Give and receive love, respect and trust daily
  • Provide access to both a quality education and experiences, which we feel are equally important
  • Honor his or her adoption story with open, honest conversation and respect to your child’s personal history

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