Thank you for looking at our profile! We are a caring family-oriented couple with lots of love to share. We desire to start our family, sharing the principles of love, kindness, honesty and communication - these fundamentals are so very important to us! Adoption is very personal to us and truly a special gift. We are looking forward to extending our unconditional love to a new addition in our family. Thank you for considering us!

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Nathan Lauren
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IT - Sr. Systems Analyst IT - Sr. Systems Analyst
Bachelor's Degree in Biology & Education Master's Degree in Information Systems
The Iron Tower
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Childhood Memory
Teaching Myself to Swim
Childhood Memory
Receiving My First Computer
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Dream Vacation
Mediterranean Tour
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Kind and Loving
Quality about my Spouse
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Memory with a Child
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How Adoption has Affected Me/Us Personally
Celebrating Mommy's 75th!

Adoption has affected us personally in that Lauren herself was placed with her adoptive family at about 4 months old. At a young age Lauren was first introduced to the concept of adoption through story-telling and children’s books, then was told by her adoptive parents how she came to be part of the family. Lauren recalls asking “why didn’t my Mommy want me?” to which her adoptive parents answered by making sure to let Lauren know that her birth mother wanted her very, very badly but due to her birth mother’s young age and home life situation, she was unable to properly care for Lauren. Lauren never felt out of place in or unwanted by her adoptive family – quite the opposite in fact. Lauren’s adoptive father had much older children from a previous marriage. Lauren’s adoptive mother, having had multiple miscarriages, had no children of her own and jumped at the chance to bring Lauren into their home and love her as their own. When Lauren was 4 years old, she became a big sister and to this day, the two remain very close.

Addressing Cultural Diversity
Sibling Vacation

Both of our families are very racially diverse. We both have Black, European and Native American ancestry. Our family represents the melting pot that is America. As multicultural people from very diverse families, we are open to embracing those from other ethnicities and cultures. Because our family is so racially and culturally diverse, we believe just being around them will expose the child to so many different cultures and experiences. We also live in an incredibly racially diverse area as well, where it is normal to see diverse families on a daily basis. To our family, cultural diversity is a part of our everyday lives.

Life Priorities
Nephew Snuggles

Our family and home take priority in our lives. We take great effort in making sure we have a happy home free from as much stress and worry as possible. Our family is our biggest support system and no matter what, we are always there for one another. Much of our time outside of our jobs is spent doing things with each other and with our families – we include our closest friends as “family” too. Throughout the year our families have multiple gatherings, game nights and planned events inside or outdoors; we also coordinate at least one yearly trip together. Most recently two of our closest friends have asked us to be Godparents for their children; one child to be born in just a few months, the other is a month old and we look forward to being in their lives.

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