Aloha! We are a loving, outgoing couple that enjoys laughing and spending time with one another. Words cannot express the feelings we have about embarking on this path of adoption. This journey has been many years in the making, and we are so excited to finally share our love with a child. We would like to thank you for taking the time to review our profile and for considering us to be parents to your child.

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Will Tracy
job description
System Administrator Business Owner
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Master's Degree in Information Systems
Dream Job
Dream Job
Quality about my Spouse
Her Adventurous Spirit
Quality about my Spouse
His Loving Heart and Willingness to Help Anyone
Apple Pie
Chocolate Fondue
Playing Old School Video Games
Going to the Beach, Hiking
TV Show
Game of Thrones
TV Show
Legally Married

How We Met
Hawaii Hike

We met while attending college about 17 years ago. While taking the same class, Will sat next to Tracy and charmed her with his sense of humor. We immediately hit it off and became inseparable. Studying the same topic in school, we had several classes together and could help each other with homework assignments. There were many late evenings in the computer lab to finish projects and study for exams.

Outside of school, we had several common interests that we enjoyed together. We liked to hang out at the pool, watch movies, and spend time with friends. We continued our journey and got married a few years after college. Our lives since then have been a journey of growing our relationship and personal development. Today, Will remains in a career that is related to computer studies and Tracy has chose to become an entrepreneur.

About two years ago, we moved to Hawaii and developed some new interests. We like spending time outdoors, enjoying hiking, going to the beach, and looking at the stars. We enjoy traveling and have been to many different countries in the world. Our life has continued to be an adventure and we are excited to share our experiences with our new child.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
All Smiles at a Basketball Game

Will About Tracy: I always say that Tracy is my better half, and that I honestly don’t know where I would be without her. Her love and affection has been there to brighten my life at times when I thought there was no light to be found. Her silly, goofy nature keeps me smiling, and makes any situation fun and memorable. I’m in constant awe of her intelligence and unwavering drive to succeed. She never lets any obstacle derail her from her goals, and I’m positive that she’ll bring that same love and passion to being the best mother she can be.

Tracy About Will: Will is my best friend. I love that I’m able to be myself around him and talk to him about anything. He’s a very kind, sweet, and supportive person. He’s always been there to support me through both good and tough times. I admire that he’s helpful to others, many times treating friends like they were his own family. He is never hesitant to go above and beyond to be there for people that he loves and cares for. I know these are qualities in him that will make him a wonderful father.

What it Means to Become Parents

Becoming parents is something that has been on our minds and hearts for a long time now. We’ve both dreamed of the day when we could gush over our child's first words or steps, cheer our child on during their first basketball game, or stand and applaud them during their first dance recital. It's these types of memories and more that we're looking forward to building with our child. We understand though that with every parental highlight, there will also come some lows too. We’re also prepared for the long sleepless nights and the many days of taking care of sick children as well. Parenting will be challenging, but nothing worthwhile in this world comes without risks. And we cannot think of anything more worthwhile than welcoming a child into our hearts and helping them grow.

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