Hello! Thank you for taking time to learn a little about us. We have been together for 10 years and are hoping to provide a child with a home filled with lots of love, laughter and a lifetime of memories. We are a very lucky couple- we have a fantastic family and many friends. We are ready to share that and build a family of our own.

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Hank Jeff
job description
Television News Reporter Attorney
Bachelor's Degree in TV Broadcasting Law Degree
Family Activity
Family Activity
Dream Vacation
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dream Vacation
New Zealand
Memory with a Child
Taking My Nephew on His First Trip to New York
Memory with a Child
Taking My Daughter to Her First Day of Kindergarten
Anything Chocolate
Chocolate Cake
Committed Relationship

Our Leisure Time
Lions Game with Family

We love to spend our time surrounded by our family and friends. We have a large social network and live in a neighborhood filled with close friends and families.

We have a pool in our backyard and this space becomes the hang out spot in the summer. Jeff can usually be found working some magic on the grill. Our friends, their children and a few pets usually take over the backyard playing games or just hanging out.

We also love to travel. Jeff’s job takes him around the world and sometimes Jeff's daughter, Mia, and Hank are able to make a visit. We have been able to make stops in Japan, India, Paris, London and in many cities across the US. These trips are a great way to enjoy time together while also exposing Mia to new cultures and opportunities.

Fun Facts About US
With Mia After a Recital

1. Jeff speaks 3 languages (English, French & Japanese).

2. Hank has worked as a TV reporter for almost 20 years.

3. Our dog Eunice loves running laps around the pool.

4. Mia is in a dance program and performs her first solo competition performance this year.

5. Our home has a big pool, lots of space and is in the middle of a great family-friendly neighborhood.

6. Jeff's family affectionately calls his mom "Hot Momma" and his dad "Big G".

7. Hank once sponsored a group of 25 underprivileged children to enjoy a full day of fun at our local zoo.

8. Jeff lived in Tokyo, Japan for almost 2 years early in his career.

9. Hank lived in NYC for a year while in college and worked as intern at CBS News.

10.Hank has 20 first cousins, most of whom have children of their own. Family get-togethers are always big and fun!

Our Promise to You

Our promise to you involves a few important key items. First and foremost, our promise is to make sure this child has a life filled with love and opportunities. We will shower this baby with love and our friends and family will be there help support our new family every step of the way. We have been fortunate to help raise Mia, and are thrilled to see her grow into a successful and happy young lady.

We also promise to keep you involved in our lives. We want you to have the opportunity to be connected. We want you to see this baby grow and enjoy the journey with us. It's important that we remain open to hearing from you and learning what you would like out of this relationship. You are giving us an incredible gift and it is something we will honor and respect every day of our lives.

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