We are excited that you are considering us as adoptive parents. At the same time, we are humbled by your strength and compassion. Thank you so much for giving us this chance to tell you about our journey and the fun-loving, kind, and compassionate family we are building.

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Keith Ariana
job description
Business Owner Business Owner/Certified Pet Dog Trainer
Master's Degree in Media & Public Affairs Bachelor's Degree in Communications
Bike Riding, Playing Basketball
Parrot Training, Reading
Ice Cream
Shark-Themed New Year's Party
Thanksmas (Combining Christmas & Thanksgiving with Keith's Family)
Quality about my Spouse
Her Compassion
Quality about my Spouse
His Humor & Loyalty
Personal Hero
My Mom
Personal Hero
Barack Obama
Legally Married

Cultural Diversity
Celebrating a Friend's Birthday

We believe whole-heartedly that diversity is a strength. Ariana was raised in a Hispanic household with a Cuban mother and Spanish father. She grew up embracing what made her unique, and this continues to today. Ariana’s Hispanic culture, including her ability to speak Spanish, are a major part of her life.

We have built our lives in a city that supports this ideal, seeking out a diverse neighborhood filled with opportunities and role models from many cultural backgrounds. Our friends play an especially important part of our lives, and will help our new addition grow up alongside varying views and experiences. It is our intent that our child will come to value all cultures, especially their own, with a sense of pride and appreciation.

Traveling has been an important part of our family, exposing us to much of the world. We want to share these experiences with our child so it can help open their heart and mind, the same way it has ours.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
On the Ferris Wheel at the New York State Fair

Our relationship is rooted in kindness, gentleness and understanding. Ariana is the most compassionate, loving person Keith has ever met. She knows just when and how to lift his spirit on tough days. Keith goes out of his way to make sure Ariana knows how valued she is and always supports her in her endeavors.

Keith is the funniest, most hard-working, and loyal person Ariana has ever met. He is there not only when she needs him, but also when his family and friends need a laugh or a shoulder to cry on. He brings a curiosity, creativity, and persistence to his work that enables him to succeed. Through it all, Keith loves nothing more than to hear Ariana laugh.

Ariana is creative and funny and brings a sense of compassion to her life that extends from her family, to her friends, to the animals she trains professionally. Her sense of humor is often a source of strength for those around her, and nothing makes her laugh more than a good pun.

Throughout our decades-long relationship, through all the ups and downs, we have come to value most how the two of us complement one another. Keith’s strengths balance Ariana’s weaknesses, and vice-versa. We are a strong and committed team.

Our Pets
Festive Pups

Pets are an incredibly important part of our lives. Not only do we have three dogs - Canon, Lotus and Posey - Ariana is also a professional dog trainer. Each of our pets is well-behaved around children, and our nieces and nephews enjoy spending time with them. Ariana has always been especially adept at creating the right environment for our dogs, since each has a unique personality. Canon, for example, loves to sit on the deck and watch the backyard, while Posey likes to cuddle, and Lotus enjoys endless games of fetch.

Recently, Ariana began utilizing her training skills with parrots as well. We have one of our own, named Rueben, who she has trained to do tricks including wave, spin and birdie basketball. Rueben’s happy chirping sounds add warmth and joy to our home.

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