What an amazing time we live in, where we can offer up a short segment of our lives to you in the hopes that you will consider us as parents. We cannot thank you enough for even reading our profile. We have so much love to offer. Your gift to us would mean more than you could ever know and would never be taken for granted or forgotten.

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Justin Christy
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The First Time Kylie Gave Us a Big Hug and Said "I Love You Guys!"
Memory with a Child
Seeing Kylie's Eyes while Meeting Mickey Mouse
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Our Most Memorable Moment
At Magic Kingdom

Our most memorable moment was our first vacation as a family. One summer we had an opportunity to go to Florida. Being that close meant we had to visit Walt Disney World! We've always been a Disney family and couldn't wait to take our child to one of our favorite places. Kylie brought the magic of the park to life for us in a whole new way. We watched her meet characters, enjoy the rides, parades, fireworks and most of all, get to hug MICKEY MOUSE! Watching her eyes light up when meeting her favorite character made us both tear up.

While in Florida we also got the opportunity to take Kylie to one of our other favorite places, the beach! It was so much fun watching Kylie step onto the sand for the first time and then to experience the water. Once she realized what it was, she got very dirty and very wet! It was all worth it, when hearing her giggles and squeals as the waves came in and crashed against her feet. It was an experience we will always cherish and one we can't wait to do again with a larger family.

Our Leisure Time

Leisure time has taken on a whole new meaning now that we have Kylie in our lives. Our goal is to find at least one "adventure" every week that sometimes could be just playing a new game or watching a movie.

Music has always been a huge part of our lives. It's how we grew up, how we met and continues to be one of our biggest passions. Justin still plays trombone with the local community college, while Christy occasionally sings. Christy grew up as a dancer and is passing her love on to Kylie as she is taking dance lessons and really loving them.

We Love to Play Games

Besides music, we are avid sports fans, from football to basketball and especially major league baseball. Justin continues to play softball and golf and now working on soccer with Kylie. Swimming has become a more common event as Kylie is taking lessons and we practice at the local pools.

We also love to take family walk and visits to parks. Zoey our dog, makes a great excuse to walk around the neighborhood while Kylie learns to ride her tricycle. We have movie nights, and play times and are just starting to get into board games. We are beyond excited to add another child to our fun!/p>

Discussing Adoption

Having already adopted Kylie, we continue to develop our understanding of adoption and work on how to discuss it as a family. It is no secret that Kylie is adopted. As a very young child we are not sure how much she understands, but she knows she is adopted and that this gives her a unique story. Ironically she associates the idea most with adopting our dog Zoey. She thinks that we can just go to the store and pick a little sister or brother out for her, but as we talk to her more, she is beginning to understand that it's not so simple.

We believe that it is vital this child knows how much they are loved both by us and by you. As they grow, we want to be sure they understand where they come from, both as part of our family and from you. It is important to us that he or she understand how special their story is and how amazing it is that so many different people love them. They get to share two families that will forever be connected by a bond most people cannot even imagine.

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