Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our profile! We are so excited to grow our family through the gift of adoption, and we hope that all this information will help you get to know us a little better! We have so much love in our hearts and we can't wait to welcome another child into our family and love him or her forever!

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Jared Mila
job description
Aerospace Engineer Lawyer
Master's Degree in Engineering Doctor of Law
Panda Bear
Family Activity
Going to the Zoo
Family Activity
Going to the Zoo
Children's Book
Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Children's Book
Little House on the Prairie
Memory with a Child
Holding Kira's Hand
Memory with a Child
Cooking breakfast with Kira on Sundays
Leisure Activity
Leisure Activity
Watching Movies
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Our Lifestyle
Family Ride on the Carousel

Between caring for Kira, Otto, ourselves, and our jobs, we don't find much time for leisure these days! But we savor the little leisure time we do get. Most evenings after Kira is tucked into bed, we make dinner, catch up on the day's events and watch TV. We both love science fiction, so we usually start a movie or watch a TV show in that genre. We also take turns every other morning during the work week to get up early and exercise -- Mila takes Otto for a short run and Jared lifts weights. We both also carve out an hour on the weekends to go for a long run.

We also love to travel as a family! Before we had Kira, we traveled a lot -- domestic and international -- and loved every opportunity to see the world. As parents of a young child, our travel plans are much less exotic, but still very fun! This summer, we had the opportunity to take Kira to some beautiful lakes in Minnesota and Illinois - she absolutely loved playing in the sand!

As our children get older, we are so excited to take them on wonderful trips everywhere! We want to buy a world map with pins so they can mark all the places we go (and identify places where they hope to visit in the future!). We want them to have the same opportunities we both have had to see the world.

Our Daughter, Kira
Kira Will be a Great Big Sister

Our daughter Kira is simply amazing. Her smile lights up the room and her laugh is contagious! She is only 3 years old, but she already exhibits qualities that often make us forget that she’s still just a little kid (and not a grown-up)! Kira is helpful – she loves to help us in the kitchen to wash/dry fruits and vegetables and mix pancake/waffle batter. She is caring – when anyone in our family bumps an elbow or scratches a finger, she is the first to run to the freezer for an ice pack or get a band-aid and first aid ointment. When anyone coughs or sneezes, she will ask if they are okay or say “bless you!” (and track down the nearest box of Kleenex). She is also a very good friend – she often remarks on what happened with her friends at school that day or comments about them fondly when something reminds her of them. We encourage all these qualities every day and believe that they are the foundations of being a good person, and more specifically, a great big sister!

Why We Chose Adoption

Having several friends who struggled with infertility, we actually discussed adoption as an option for growing our family before we got married, and we agreed that it was absolutely something we would do if we were unable to have children of our own. But as luck would have it, we became pregnant with Kira quickly after we began trying and had a wonderful pregnancy. Unfortunately, when we began to try for a second child, we suffered repeated miscarriages and then turned to infertility treatments. Those were also unsuccessful and we decided to close that chapter of our lives and open a new chapter -- adoption -- to grow our family. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful little family already -- but we feel that there is a "vacancy" in our home for another child! We believe that there is a wonderful little person out there who will make our family complete.

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