We are very excited to start this adoption journey with you! What a thrilling adventure! As you look into our profile, we hope you find comfort in knowing that we will be excellent parents. We already love the child you are bringing into this world. Thank you for considering us to raise your child as our own.

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Korby Sammi
job description
Pharmacovigilance Specialist 5th Grade Teacher
Bachelor's Degree in Biology Bachelor's Degree in Education
Children's Book
Where the Wild Things Are
Children's Book
But Not the Hippopotamus
Dream Car
Jeep Wrangler
Dream Car
Family Activity
Game Nights
Family Activity
Playing in the Yard
Quality about my Spouse
Her Motherly Instinct & Compassion for Others
Quality about my Spouse
His Sincerity and Compassion
Sport to Play
Baseball or Volleyball
Sport to Play
Legally Married

Christmas at Grandma's

We both enjoy our careers, weekends, and personal lives. We consider ourselves to be hard working, yet relaxed. We also believe we are very relationship-driven with our coworkers, friends, family, and each other. We are both dedicated, determined employees, who try our best to complete the tasks assigned to us. At work, Sammi builds on her relationships with her fifth graders on a daily basis. Sammi and her students have built a strong foundation of trust and respect for each other. The same goes for Korby and his coworkers.

Once we are home for the evening, it’s all about family time. We spend many hours together working on upgrading different rooms of the house, watching our shows on T.V., and hanging out with friends. Family and friendships are important to us. This past year, we attended and were a part of many friends’ weddings. We look forward to starting a family around the same time as our friends and seeing all of the kids grow up together. Bonfires, games, and socializing are frequent events that we host or attend on the weekends. We travel frequently to visit or vacation with Sammi’s family and spend time with Korby’s family that lives in our hometown. On nights and weekends, we also enjoy walking outdoors with our dogs, Koda and Bear.

Addressing Cultural Diversity
Fundraise Together

We want to show this child that no matter what people look like or what people believe in, every person has the right to succeed and be happy. We believe that every person was created to have equal opportunities. That being said, we know that not everyone shares this opinion.

We will arm him/her with love and compassion for even those who don’t show others the same courtesies and we will teach this child to respond with graciousness, facts, and love. We will instill in this child a respect for authority and the mind to be able to see people for who they are on the inside and to see people for their actions and how they treat others.

Our promise to this child: We will always love him/her. We will always fight for him/her. We will teach him/her to always treat others with kindness and respect, even in the face of adversity.

How We Met
Looking Professional for Work

Korby had been friends with one of his buddies, Taylor, since seventh grade. Both boys were in the graduating class of 2010. That same year, Sammi was an actress in the stage production of “Steel Magnolias” alongside Taylor’s mom. The cast of that show helped his mom throw Korby and Taylor’s graduation party. As friends and family helped decorate for the party, we met each other for the first time. Sammi thought Korby was super handsome, helpful, and personable from their first conversation. Korby followed Sammi around the graduation venue that day and was a gentleman in helping with all of her endeavors. Korby thought Sammi was very intelligent, mature, and giving. Shortly after, we started to hang out at church youth group events, and finally Korby asked Sammi to go on a date. (But Korby will swear that Sammi asked him to date her!) And, as they say, the rest is history.

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