Becoming parents has been the biggest blessing in our lives! We are so excited to open our hearts, our home, and our resources to another child through adoption! Thank you for choosing to get to know our family a little better. It is our hope it will give you an idea of who we are and what is important to us.

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JD Sabrina
job description
Business Owner Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Farm & Ranch Management Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Technology
Umi Zoomi
Peppa Pig
Dream Job
Dallas Cowboys Owner
Dream Job
Manager of a Stable
Memory with a Child
Vacation on the Beach
Memory with a Child
Taking the Kids to the Ocean for the First Time
Quality about my Spouse
Her Love for Our Family
Quality about my Spouse
His Work Ethic & Dedication to Family
Family Activity
Checking Cows
Family Activity
Paizley , Hugh
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle
JD Bringing Home the Cattle

Sabrina is a licensed Veterinary Technician turned stay-at-home mom. While she loves animals and loved her previous job, being a mom is her favorite, most fulfilling job yet! Getting to be present for all the big and small milestones means the world to her.

JD owns and operates a successful oilfield company he has built from the ground up. He likes that every day is different and that he gets to use his problem solving skills to resolve all the challenges that come up. His company is active in the community sponsoring many local organizations such as the High School rodeo team. This past summer he provided employees and equipment to help clean up after a devastating hail storm hit our community. Being his own boss allows him to take time for family. We also raise cattle and JD calls his chores his therapy, he loves to be outside hauling hay, fixing fence or checking cows on horseback.

Our Children, Paizley & Hugh
Our Happy Family

God has blessed us with two biological children who cannot wait to become a big Sister and big Brother! They have both been telling us all the things they want to teach their new baby sister or brother.

Our daughter is 7 years old and in the first grade. She is spunky and full of energy. She has a kind heart and is compassionate towards those she loves. She is a born leader and loves to organize games and activities for her brother and friends. Currently she loves school, playing Barbies, taking piano lessons, running, and riding bike.

Our youngest son is 3 1/2 years old. He is our little snuggle bug and is always ready to give or receive a hug or kiss. His sense of humor keeps us laughing all the time! His favorite things right now are stick forts, building with his magnet blocks, making crafts out of paper and playing with his barn kitties.

We love helping them try different activities and seeing which ones spark their interests! We look forward to trying new things and exploring new interests with another child.

Cultural Diversity

No matter what language, race or faith family always comes first to us. JD's ethnicity is mostly Irish and German, while Sabrina's is German and Norwegian. Both of us are extremely proud of who and where we came from and know a lot about our ancestors. We nurture that in our children and will make sure our adopted child feels the same about his or her ethnicity as well. We will welcome any information about cultural traditions or family history from you. We promise to be open and honest about issues related to any of our race or ethnic differences as well as seek out mentors of similar heritage for our child and our family. We have developed relationships with other adoptive families within our community and will continue to grow our support network. We look forward to learning more about our child's heritage and incorporating new traditions into our family.

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