We consider adoption to be one of the greatest gifts the world has to offer and we are so thankful to be on this journey. Our family is filled with love, warmth and support and we look forward to the day we can share our love and experiences with another child. Being parents has been such a rewarding experience and we are truly honored you have taken the time to consider us.

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Dan Kelly
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Accounting & Financial Investments Advisor Stay-at-Home Mom; Former Elementary School Teacher
Master's Degree in Finance Master's Degree in Elementary Education
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Traveling to New Places & Exploring
Family Activity
Watching Movies & Eating Dinner as a Family
DIY Home Projects
Drawing & Photography
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Rolling Stones
Musical Group
Fleetwood Mac
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Childhood Toy
Light Brite
New York City
San Francisco
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Adoption in Our Lives
Our Family

Adoption has touched our lives in many special ways. We have a number of close loved ones, including family members and friends (one of whom introduced us to each other!) who are adopted. Seeing first-hand through them how beautiful and life changing adoption is was one of the many reasons we talked about making it part of our own family’s story long before we were even married.

When we later found out that we couldn’t have biological children ourselves, we simply took it as a sign that adoption was truly meant for us, which led us to the adoption of our daughter two years ago. We are incredibly grateful and understanding of the selfless and difficult journey that every birth mother experiences, and the privilege of being adoptive parents is a gift that we cherish deeply each and every day.

We still have so much more love to give and we can’t wait to have another child in our lives to share in our family’s wonderful adoption story!

Our Lifestyle
We Love Family Time!

We enjoy an active lifestyle. We exercise throughout the week and try to get outside as much as possible. Kelly especially enjoys snow skiing, paddle boarding, and long distance running, including running marathons, while Dan likes playing basketball, going on family nature hikes, and doing DIY projects around the house. We also frequently go into the city to attend concerts and sporting events, to try new restaurants, or go to museums or Broadway style shows.

We also have a great passion for traveling and exploring new places, cultures, and experiences. Whether it is hiking through nature far from civilization, exploring the streets of a major city for the first time, or trying a new food in a foreign country, we love to experience new things and we can’t wait to share this passion for seeing the world with children.

Most importantly, we love spending quality time with family and friends. Many of the special people in our life are nearby, so we frequently attend birthday parties, barbecues, and other big moments and celebrations with friends and family. We feel blessed to live so close to people we care about so dearly.

Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Hanging Out on the Beach Deck Dan Built

Our family has a vacation lake house in northern Michigan that holds a very special place in everyone’s hearts and memories. We go to the lake as often as we can, especially in the summer, to relax and spend time as a family. Whether it is boating, hiking, kayaking, fishing, playing board games, or just hanging out on the beach and reading books, there are nearly endless activities to do as a family. In the winter it is a cozy escape from our weekly routine, and there are even some great snow skiing hills nearby.

Some of our best memories are during the Fourth of July, when our extended family will often come up for the entire week. Everyone enjoys watching fireworks, playing on the beach, and just laughing and relaxing by the bonfire in the evening. It is a magical spot for our family to be together and we look forward to creating many more special memories there with our growing family!

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