Thank you for visiting our profile and taking the time learn more about us! We are excited to be parents and to share our love and life with a child. We look forward to a lifetime full of family, adventures, and love. We so hope that you consider us as adoptive parents and look forward to the next step in our life.

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Ryan Veronica
job description
Software Engineer Manager Internal Auditing Services
Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering Bachelor's Degree in Management
New Orleans
St. Charles, MO
Pie or Cookies or Both!
Lemon Meringue Pie
Family Activity
Going to Six Flags
Family Activity
Our Halloween Build
Fishing, Woodworking
Scrapbooking, Gardening, Cooking
Musical Group
Alice in Chains
Musical Group
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives
We Can't Wait to Add a Child to Our Family!

We have chosen adoption to build our family due to struggles with fertility. We tried to conceive naturally and with different fertility options with no luck. In order to avoid further stress on Veronica’s health we chose adoption as a way to build our family.

In addition to choosing adoption for our life, Veronica’s extended family has experience with adoption. Her paternal grandmother Betty was adopted. It was a well-known fact to Betty’s family that she was adopted. Betty and her husband Joe (Veronica’s grandpa) also kept in touch with Betty’s birth mother until her death (Betty’s birth father died while Betty was still a child). Betty kept very close with her adoptive and birth family all of her life. We didn’t talk about the adoption much simply because it’s just how life was. The adoption wasn’t a secret or a big deal. And since Betty married into a Hispanic family everyone was considered family, no matter if you were of biological relation or not.

We visualize our adopted child will have a very similar understanding of being adopted that Betty did. Our child will know they are adopted when we feel the time is appropriate to talk about it. We will do everything we can to ensure our child feels that they are every bit as much of our family as any biological cousins. We firmly believe that family does not have to be biological to be family.

Our Lifestyle
Taking a Swamp Tour in a New Orleans Bayou

Our lifestyle involves taking care of our home, spending time with our dogs, family time, and our individual activities. We live on a five are wooded lot which allows for hiking on our property and having adventures in the woods. With our dogs we like to take walks, hike, and bike. We are so excited for our child to join us on these outings!

Family is very important to us and we are lucky to have most of our family living within 30 miles. We enjoy spending as much time together as possible and we have many get togethers for holidays and birthdays. Veronica’s family has a very large Halloween event which takes a full year to plan and involves everyone – including the children!

Ryan loves to take his boat out to go fishing with our dog, his friends, or his dad - sometimes Veronica joins him on the lake. He also has a wood working shop where he creates different things for Halloween and other projects. Veronica likes to attend yoga classes once a week and is very active in a women’s choir. She also enjoys cooking, especially making meals from scratch, and is looking forward to gardening in the spring. We can’t wait to share our favorite activities with a child!

Most Memorable Moment
Zombie Flash Mob

We have had many memorable moments in our life that we often talk and reflect on. Our favorite memory would be our wedding. We wanted to keep our wedding fairly simple and celebrate it with our closest family and friends. We were married in October, blessed with beautiful fall weather, and held our event at a local butterfly house. The best part of our wedding was a surprise we arranged for our guests. Because it was October, because we love Halloween, and because Veronica’s family are HUGE Michael Jackson fans, we arranged to have a zombie flash mob “crash” the wedding reception. They wandered in through the guests, gathered on the dance floor, and proceeded to do the “Thriller Dance”. It was a huge hit with all of the guests and a memory we relive over and over.

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