Hello, we are John and Tara from North Carolina! We are excited to introduce you to our amazing family and hope that you can see your little one as part of it. Our relationship could rival the best love stories out there but the one thing missing is a child to share our blessings. We want to thank you for the amazing gift of parenting your little angel!

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Why We Chose Adoption
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God blessed us with a second chance. He introduced us in our twenties and for some reason we were not ready for forever together. We made such a huge impact on each other's lives that when we met again fifteen years later, nothing was going to stop us. We couldn't wait to start forever together and knew we wanted to expand our amazing love by having children.

Our first pregnancy happened the first month we tried to conceive. It ended in miscarriage with four more after that. We have grieved and sought God's direction for our lives. Our yearning for a child never diminished but grew stronger. We made the decision that adoption is the way to grow our family.

Now that we are here, we are so excited! It makes sense for us. Adoption is already such a natural part of our lives with Tara having an adopted brother, best friend, and cousin and John having an adopted niece and aunt. Our longing to be blessed with a child, and the realization of how it truly is a gift from above, will make us treasure your little one so much more. We feel that going through our losses has strengthened our faith and relationship in a deep and meaningful way. Our relationship is stronger, our faith is stronger, and our desire for a child is stronger than ever.

Our Daughters
Our Beautiful Girls

John has two daughters from a previous marriage who are 17 and 15 years old. They live with their mother 80% of the time during the school year. Over the summer, they spend half of their time with us.

Aleigh is the oldest and has an outgoing personality. She was always the one in the family playing with the younger children and taking care of them. When not at school, she is babysitting. She chose that instead of getting another job simply because she loves little ones so much! Aleigh is hoping to be a teacher one day like Tara.

Graysi is the youngest and will be 16 in June. She is excited about getting her license! She is a cheerleader and is involved in a Christian club where teens her age get together and learn about the Bible. She is hoping to be a physical therapist when she graduates college.

Both girls are very excited to get a young sibling and cannot wait to meet him/her! We feel that our baby will have the best of both worlds- undivided attention from us since he/she will be the only child living in the house full time but also the blessing of older siblings.

Education We will Provide

Tara is an educator. She has worked in the school system for 14 years teaching pre-kindergarten through second grade. Now Tara works from home and has a classroom full of educational materials to utilize and can't wait to have her own little student! She knows how to make learning fun and not a chore. We believe that by preparing a child before school actually begins, he/she will never get behind throughout their school years.

We both attended college and will encourage our child to do the same. We will help our child choose the best college in state or out that will prepare him/her for their chosen field. We also would like our child to be involved in arts education. This would be an area in which our child is interested or talented such as singing, dancing, or painting. Sports are also very popular in our state and community and our child will have many options in all types of sporting activities if interested.

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