Words cannot describe how much appreciation and gratitude we have for you and your family for considering adoption. We are fun-loving couple who looks forward to becoming first-time parents. Our home is full of laughter and wonder and we cannot wait to share this adoption adventure with you.

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Memory with a Child
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Adoption in Our Lives
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Julia was born in South Korea and adopted at 5 months old. Some people ask, “When did you find out you were adopted?” and she would retort, “As soon as I could speak.” The fact of the matter is that Julia’s parents made no secret of her adoption, she knew where she was born, her birthday, her arrival day and her birth name. As time went by her parents shared other things they knew about adoption with her, but there was little information about her birth parents due to the closed nature of her adoption. Although she has little information about her birth parents, Julia holds a deep appreciation for the choice her birth parents made.

Julia was raised with the traditions of her adopted parents, while also understanding Korean art, culture, and fashion. In elementary school, she had a playgroup with other Korean-adopted children who became some of her lifelong friends. She studied abroad in Asia in high school. Not only was Julia exposed to the traditions of her biological and adoptive parents but her family also traveled extensively to learn about many other cultures. This experience, from a young age, has allowed her to see that people can belong to many cultures even if they subscribe to one more than another.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Exploring Chile

Julia About John: John is patient, understanding, funny and driven. You can tell John anything. He will thoughtfully take moments to respond and you know that it will be validating and supportive. He loves to laugh. John tells wicked jokes and can make you laugh until your stomach hurts. I admire John’s career ambitions. At 25, he was running a trading desk on Wall Street, at 30, he attended a top business school and in the past year, he left his corporate job to start his own company. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and family. Once you are in John’s inner circle, his unwavering support has no limits. I respect his dedication. He has entered this adoption process with excitement, flexibility, preparedness and a great deal of hope.

John About Julia: Julia is patient, warm, welcoming, intelligent and thoughtful. She’s easy to talk with and tells a great story. Julia looks great in formal settings but can thrive at a sports bar on NFL Sunday with little more than a basket of buffalo wings. She’s one of the kindest and softest souls I have ever met. She has devoted her career to helping homeless teenagers and families grieving with loved ones on hospice. Julia is dependable and makes for a great teammate in life. Being adopted herself, she has great empathy for this process and excitement to partake in the process from the other side of the experience. I get a tremendous amount of strength from her confidence, stability and positivity.

Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Our Favorite Place

Our favorite vacation spot is in Idaho. The crisp, fresh air immediately hits your face and sends calming waves through your entire body. Everything is better in the mountains!

In the morning, the sun wakes us up and we go to a local coffeehouse for fresh pastries. From there we will go on a 3 or 4-hour hike, where you can get both exercise and some of the most breathtaking views. We can let our dogs off their leashes and they love running ahead and then coming back to find us. Our favorite lunch spot makes the best sandwiches on their famous homemade bread. It’s always the best way to end a productive morning. After lunch, we will return to the house and settle in with a great book.

One of our favorite things about Idaho is the family traditions associated with it. John grew up going to Idaho with his grandmother. He started skiing around age 3 and hasn’t stopped since. John can’t wait to share his love of skiing and race down the mountain with our child! Julia favors the mountains in the summer and can’t wait to take our child on nature hikes picking wildflowers and raspberries along the way and seeing the big blue sky from atop a mountain peak.

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