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Brad Kim
job description
Baseball Coach Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Master's Degree in Finance Master's Degree in Sports Administration
Family Game Nights
Yearly Vacation
Memory with a Child
Giving My Nephew Baseball Lessons
Memory with a Child
Dressing Up at Halloween with My Niece & Nephew
Musical Group
Florida Georgia Line
Musical Group
Pearl Jam
The Hunger Games
Pride and Prejudice
Legally Married

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Walking Downtown

Kim About Brad: Brad is the most positive and energetic person I know. I rarely hear him say a negative word or see him feel down and you can’t help but feel happy around him. Brad works very hard to be successful in his profession while still devoting a lot of energy to our family. He is warm, affectionate, adventurous, and generous. Many of his players think of him as family. Brad is great with kids! He is a wonderful uncle to our niece and nephew. He even gives our nephew, Cole, baseball lessons. He is passionate about everything he does, from his work to our family. He is my best friend!

Brad About Kim: Kim is a great listener and is genuinely interested in the lives of our friends and family. She makes me feel invincible! Kim is my constant supporter and biggest fan. She keeps our family organized and prepared for the next adventure. Kim is independent, reliable, and encouraging. She is always reading, learning, and researching topics from our health to home improvement. Kim is extremely close to our niece and nephew and treats them as if they are our children. She attends a lot of their activities and events. Kim is very supportive of everything they do. It is amazing to see the way they light up around her. Kim is the most patient person I know and is always ready for the unexpected ... she is my best friend!

Our Leisure Time
Brad Fishing

Brad works in college athletics so he loves all kinds of sports! He is always watching a baseball game or college football on the patio while firing up the grill. He is an active person ... he works out regularly, likes to go fishing with coworkers, and occasionally does small projects around the house like yard work and building a fire pit.

Playing Tennis

Kim loves to play tennis! She participates regularly in a USTA tennis league. Kim is always listening to music ... she has been to 7 Pearl Jam concerts but likes all types of music. Kim also likes to shop, and she is always up for a trip to the beach.

We live in a college town so we are always going to different sporting events and cheering on the home team! Our favorite thing to do together daily is taking our dog Murphy for a walk. It’s a great way to get some exercise, catch up about how our day went, and visit with our neighbors. We love hanging out in the back yard around the fire pit with friends and playing fetch with our dog, Murphy.


We have a 5-year-old Labradoodle named Murphy who is a HUGE part of our family! We take him everywhere and include him in everything … he loves taking a ride in the car and going into Lowe’s and Home Depot, and there are several restaurants in town that let us bring him to dinner with us and sit outside … and sometimes he gets leftovers.

Murphy is fun-loving and great with people … every kid in the neighborhood knows him by name. He likes to play tug, fetch and chase, but he loves to curl up next to us whenever we are on the couch or in the bed. We spoil him daily with treats and belly rubs. He is sad any time we leave the house, and equally as excited whenever we come home.

Murphy can’t wait to have a younger sibling, and we know he will be a great big brother!

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