Thank you for considering us for your child. Our family consists of a Mom, Dad, Brother, and fluffy Siberian Husky. Our family life is characterized by color, music, dancing, lots of love, and laughter. We are excited to expand our family through adoption, and we respect the difficult decisions you are making. If you choose to make an adoption plan, we hope to be the best fit for you and your baby.

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Jake Heather
job description
Insurance Professional Part-Time Administrative Assistant
Bachelor's Degree in Business Management Associate's Degree in Vocal Performance and Piano
Tom Hanks
Matt Damon
Disney Movie
Big Hero 6
Disney Movie
Leisure Activity
Dancing with My Wife
Leisure Activity
Flower Gardening
Quality about my Spouse
Sense of Humor
Quality about my Spouse
Gracious & Forgiving
TV Show
White Collar
TV Show
White Collar
Legally Married

Addressing Cultural Diversity
Family Pictures Can Be Super Fun!

We believe that differences make a community stronger. We have friends of various nationalities, and it is important to us that our children have people of color as their peers, role models, and authority figures. When it was time to choose a school for Jacob Jr., we were strongly influenced to choose his charter school because of their emphasis on diversity. The teachers and administrative staff come from varied racial heritages and the students are internationally diverse.

We value minority cultures and educate ourselves on their history and experiences through museums, books, and the many cultural festivals hosted in our city. There are tons of annual festivals celebrating specific cultures represented in West Michigan including: the Hispanic Festival, African-American Arts and Music Festival, Polish Festival, and Asian Festival. We haven’t been to all of them, but we hope to attend more this year. We also look forward to learning about the heritage of our future family member, and incorporating their cultural background into our family traditions.

Our Son, Jacob
Jacob Jr. Helping with the Laundry

We have a seven-year-old boy named Jacob Jr. who is energetic, caring and very friendly. He is our little comedian, testing out humorous phrases and kid jokes on us all the time. He loves to be in a community of people and loves to play with other kids.

When he has free time, Jacob loves to read books, build LEGO sets, and play on his kindle fire. He enjoys playing outside in the snow, running through a sprinkler, visiting local playgrounds, and has started ballet lessons in a boy’s class for his age. He also loves to explore the local botanical gardens and Public Museum where we have memberships.

Jacob enjoys helping around the house with family responsibilities, and is very enthusiastic about pitching in when the new baby arrives. He is very eager to assist whenever it will be safe to do so. For example, he is an avid reader, and cannot wait to read books to a new brother or sister. He sometimes sees baby items at a store and suggests we buy them for a future sibling. He will be so excited to help us pick out just the right gear for a new baby. He also plans to make a special stuffed animal for his baby sibling at Build-a-Bear Workshop for when they first meet.

Adoption in Our Lives
We're Very Excited to Adopt!

Jake has had several friends that were adopted. Through them, he saw that the definition of family was not limited to biological only. The love they shared was no different than what he experienced with his own family.

Heather’s grandfather on her father’s side was adopted. He is a wonderful, loving grandfather who supports his kids and grandchildren. Because of his journey, adoption has been a normal part of life for Heather since birth. When Heather was in elementary school, her older cousin adopted two children. Her extended family has always accepted adopted members as equal members of the family. As a result of these adoption stories in her family, Heather has always considered adopting a child to be an equally good way to make a family compared to having biological children.

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