We are so excited to have begun this journey! We have known for several years that we were going to adopt, and now it has finally begun. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us. Within this profile, you will discover two people who love family, weekend trips, DIY projects, and just plain fun!

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Keith Hannah
job description
Database Administrator Operations Logisitics Engineer
Bachelor's Degree in Programming Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering
Family Activity
DIY Projects
Family Activity
DIY Projects
Dream Job
Anything in Technology
Dream Job
HGTV Interior Decorator
Memory with a Child
Easter Egg Hunt with Hannah's Little Cousins
Memory with a Child
My Baby Cousin Calling Everything Duck or Ball
TV Show
Game of Thrones
TV Show
Leisure Activity
Leisure Activity
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
Beach Time in Florida

We are a "work hard, play hard" family at its finest. We take our careers very seriously, but we also like to have some fun! Our favorite thing to do on the weekends is get out of town. Whether it's a day trip or a full 3-day mini vacation, we love to hop in the car and do something different. Each year we also take much larger vacations. Since we've been married, we've been to Ireland and several islands of the Caribbean.

Another thing that is important to us is to spend time with friends and family. We have a group of 6 friends that get together at least once a month. Sometimes they go on our weekend trips with us. Sometimes we just stay in the house together and watch movies, but whatever it is, time together is important. We are also very close to our families. Both of our parents live locally, and we love spending time with them.

On top of weekend trips and time with friends and family, we each have hobbies that we love. Keith builds furniture and home decor items as well as remote controlled airplanes, quadcopters, and helicopters. Hannah is very much into interior decorating and the small crafts and DIY projects that go with that. Often our hobbies intertwine as Hannah designs something for a room, and Keith goes to the garage and makes it happen!

Cultural Diversity
So Happy Together

Transracial adoption is not a decision that we took lightly. We have always felt open to adopting a child of any race, but before we made that official, we did a lot of research. We have read books, listened to podcasts, and started following blogs. We know that this road is not an easy one. However, we feel that we are strong enough to face any challenges. Not only are we strong enough, but we want to. We will be proud to stand up for our child, values, and morals.

Our child won't lose their culture just because it does not match ours. We will educate them on their history. We will find role models of their race so that he/she has someone to relate to when we cannot provide that for them ourselves. We will discuss our differences and be excited about them, because differences keep this world going. Our child's culture will be an integral part of our lives. We will watch TV shows/movies and read books featuring main characters of his/her race. We will attend a diverse church, and take them to museums that celebrate accomplishments made by people of their race. We are also open to keeping cultural traditions that are important to you. If there is anything specific you want us to take part in, please just let us know.

Our Family Traditions

Our big family traditions definitely revolve around holidays. Each year we hold a "Friends"giving and "Friends"mas in order to celebrate the holidays with our best buds. We each also have Christmas traditions from our childhood that have carried over into our married lives. When Hannah was a child, her mom would stay up late on Christmas Eve and create a scavenger hunt for Hannah to find her largest present. The scavenger hunt clues were always staged as letters from Santa that would lead Hannah to the next clue until eventually leading to the actual present. Hannah could not be more excited to be the scavenger hunt creator for her own children!

Keith's Christmas tradition comes from when he was a little boy. His mom asked him what he wanted to leave for Santa, completely expecting to hear cookies of course. Keith unexpectedly exclaimed "Chicken Pot Pie!" Confused to her core, his mom asked "Why chicken pot pie?" and Keith responded with "Because everybody needs a little KFC." From then on, they have left KFC chicken pot pie for Santa. These traditions are very dear to us and we cannot wait to share them with a child.

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