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Trey Stephanie
job description
Writer Attorney
Bachelor's Degree Doctoral Degree
Painting Furniture
Children's Book
Love You Forever
Children's Book
Where The Wild Things Are
Dream Job
Major League Baseball Player
Dream Job
Owner of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory
Memory with a Child
Reading Comic Books with My Niece
Memory with a Child
Holding My Niece for the First Time
Thing to Cook
Thing to Cook
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
Visiting the Golden Gate Bridge

As a couple, our favorite leisure activities revolve around movies, games, and travel. One of our shared loves is sci-fi—we try to go opening night during the summer when all the blockbuster movies are released. We both can’t wait to introduce a child to some of our favorites: Star Wars, Avengers, and Planet of the Apes. We also enjoy trivia nights with our friends, as well as game nights where we have people over for cards, Pictionary, and Taboo.

Both of us love to travel, and see new cultures and people all over the world—which is something we’d want to share with a child too. Part of the joy of being a parent would be the opportunity to experience Europe or the mountains with your family—to see the wide-eyes and excitement in a child’s eyes. Whether it be swimming in the summer, skiing in winter, or just playing with the dogs in the backyard—activities with the whole family will help our child grow, be adventurous, and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Cultural Heritage

Stephanie has primarily Eastern European ancestry. She was raised Jewish, in a reform household. Growing up, she went to temple with her family on holidays, and had a Bat Mitzvah when she was 13. Stephanie's background is more about observing tradition and being a good person, than about religious observance. She does not attend services, and takes a more spiritual approach than a religious one.

Trey comes from Irish, Scottish, and Swiss ancestry. He was raised with both Christian and Jewish families. He was born Christian and converted to Judaism at four years of age when his mother remarried and also converted. Trey grew up in a Jewish household, but also experienced Christian holidays with his father and stepmother.

We celebrate Hanukkah with Stephanie's family by lighting the Menorah and enjoying traditional foods, such as potato pancakes. We play games, exchange gifts, and just have fun.

Trey's biological dad has passed away, but he remains close to his stepmother and family, with whom we celebrate Christmas each year. Similar to Hanukkah, we play games, exchange presents, and share in a good meal.

Education We will Provide
We Can't Wait to Share Our Lives and Adventures with a Child

We intend to send our child to public school. The district we live in is highly ranked as one of the best in the entire state. We both had public educations and benefited from growing up with children of other cultural and economic backgrounds. We feel that’s the best environment for raising both intelligent and open-minded children. We also both went to college, and would prepare the child to attend the college of their choice when the time comes (provided that’s what they want.)

Schools, though, are only part of an education—we also intend to expose our child to many kinds of learning experiences as they grow up. Things like visits to museums, camping trips, fishing, lots of reading at home, and traveling somewhere new as often as we can. Our goal is to provide a strong foundation for our child, both with schooling and real-life experience, so they’re well-rounded and ready to accomplish any goal they pursue in life.

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