We are Dan and Cheryl from Illinois. We appreciate you taking a look into our lives and we hope our profile will provide you with a sense of the deep love we have for each other, the amazing friends and family we are blessed with, and the life we can provide for a child. We are grateful, beyond words, that you would consider us as loving parents for your child.

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Dan Cheryl
job description
Senior Sales Engineer Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Bachelor's Degree in English/Business Administration
Children's Book
Where the Wild Things Are
Children's Book
The Polar Express
Dream Vacation
African Safari
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
BBQ in the Backyard
Family Activity
Monthly Family/Friend Game Night
Memory with a Child
Teaching a Friend's Son How to Ski
Memory with a Child
Taking My Niece to Her First Concert
Movie Munchie
Movie Munchie
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
We Love Baseball! A Cold Day at Wrigley Field

In our leisure time, we enjoy spending time together doing the things that make us laugh and have fun but we also take time and feel it is important to give back to the community. Cheryl enjoys working at a soup kitchen and volunteers as a mentor for a local Big Brother/Big Sister Program, while Dan dresses up as Santa and delivers the Christmas Presents, that we purchase, to a local shelter each holiday season.. We make sure that no matter how hectic our week can get, we have a date night. Some weeks we will get all dressed up and go to a nice restaurant, while other weeks we take a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond or Costco and follow it up with a trip to the ice cream shop. We like to act like kids and compete against each other in a miniature golf and go-cart competition or head to the local pool and water park.

We enjoy traveling together whether it be a long vacation by plane or a quick trip to a lake house for the weekend. Every few years, Dan enjoys a canoe trip, in Utah, with a group of friends he has had since kindergarten, while Cheryl enjoys the weekend with their wives shopping and cheering on our local baseball team. Sports is definitely a passion we share, as Dan was able to attend the games that led our beloved team win the World Series.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Being Silly With Our Niece

Dan About Cheryl: I love my wife more and more as the years go by. I remember hearing a quote before about everyone brightening a room. "Some when they walk in, others when they walk out." Cheryl is most definitely the person that makes a room radiate when she walks in. She is always smiling and is full of energy, is bubbly and has a lust for life, like no one I have ever met before. She has the amazing ability to make even a perfect stranger feel welcome and right at home in her presence. She is genuine and generous and the compassion she has for others makes her even more beautiful on the inside, as she is on the outside. All of these qualities, I know, will make her a great mom.

Paddleboarding With a Friend's Daughter

Cheryl About Dan: I am so proud that Dan is my husband, and I love him beyond words. His kindness is something I noticed immediately and fell in love with the gentleness that came with it. His mom once told me that of her 8 children, Dan was always the one with the best demeanor. He is amazingly intelligent, gives honest advice, never passes judgement, and his best quality, is his humble nature. Dan can answer questions about Quantum Physics one minute, and the next he is talking about yesterday's game winning touchdown. It makes me smile to see how kids gravitate toward him and how sweet it is to watch Dan help fix the neighbor kid's bike, or throw a football in the backyard. His greatest gift to the world is yet to come, when I get to see him as a dad.

Type of Education We Will Provide

Education is very important to the both of us, and we believe that it starts at home. We will always lead by example and believe that is how a child will learn the core values of honesty, integrity, respect and compassion. We are committed to always supporting our child in whatever interests he/she may have.

We believe in "hands on" parenting, which we believe goes beyond reading and writing. In our area, we have many well-known museums, an aquarium, a planetarium, zoos and nature centers. We would like to take advantage of all the opportunities to allow a child to discover and explore.

We look forward to helping with homework and making sure he or she understands what is necessary for them to excel. As an engineer, Dan will definitely be helping with Math, as Cheryl excels in English. We will never pressure a child to achieve certain grades, but more importantly we want to provide a loving environment where he or she can come to us when they need help or are feeling overwhelmed. We both agree that not all children learn at the same rate and sometimes children require special help and attention. We are both committed to finding and providing whatever resources necessary to help your child with school. We are committed to having a college fund, so when the time comes, we believe it is our responsibility to help provide for their future.

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