Adoption is a generous, precious gift. We are so grateful you are reading more about us. Being a mom and dad is a huge part of who we are, and with our children now grown, we are so excited to think we will be parents of a young child again. Even the possibility you might choose our fun family for your child to join brings us great joy, and we thank you for considering us.

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Michael Heidi
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Justice Technology Manager College Instructor/ Stay-at-Home Mom
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Family Activity
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Memory with a Child
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What it Means to be Parents
Our Happy Family

We first became parents at a young age, so most of our adult identity has included our roles as Dad and Mom. Now that our children are grown, we miss so many of the joys, surprises, and even the challenges of living with and raising young children. We love children’s curiosity about the world around them and figuring out the answers to their questions with them. We are fascinated by their funny little habits, like picking an unexpected toy to love the most or giving their grandmother a cute nickname. We value having a little one look to us to teach them everything from how to put their coats on themselves to how to do well on their college entrance exams. We are in awe of the speed with which they grow up, soaking up experiences and shaping themselves into becoming their own little people. Our children were each different as they grew, and we expect our newest child will be a delightful blessing who is just as much their own little person. We look forward to all these same types of happy moments with them, as well as some new ones we would never have experienced if we had missed having them in our family.

Cultural Diversity

Heidi’s stepmother is Hispanic, and she gave Heidi two wonderful sisters, who are now married with their own families. We moved back to our diverse hometown when we had our kids because we grew up here and know how important having friends, teachers, and neighbors of all races, religions, and backgrounds is to ensure a healthy, loving childhood. Our community values people living alongside each other even if they may not look like each other because they know we work, play, pray, and love our families just as much. Families that include parents of different races are common here – our two neighbors on one side are both transracial families with kids. We are sure a child living in our family would feel accepted and loved for who they are in our community. Given the choice, we would never live anywhere else for just this reason. In our own family, we will celebrate our child’s heritage and include their birth family as a part of who the child is and will always be. We also plan to be involved in adoptive groups and a local summer family camp for transracial families when our child is older.

Discussing Adoption
We Can't Wait to Have a Little One in Our Home Again!

We hope you will be a part of the child’s life from the beginning, and so we hope you will help the child be aware that their family is bigger than just us. As the child grows, we are sure they will have questions, and we hope to answer them as openly as would be best for them at whatever age they are. We also know children don’t always ask outright the questions they have in their hearts, and we plan to start conversations to let them know the family that brought them into the world made positive decisions in their early life and can continue to be a part of who they are and what they will become. As well, we want to make sure they understand the joy that your adoption decision brought into our lives.

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