Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves. We have been married for 17 years and are proud to be part of a joyful, committed and loving family. We adopted our son two years ago, and are so excited to expand our family with the addition of another child. We feel blessed to be given the opportunity to parent your child, and look forward to the journey that lies ahead.

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Charles Jessica
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Weekly Dinners with Family
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Adoption in Our Lives
Celebrating Jackson's Birthday

We had always considered adoption as an option to grow our family. Jessica has two cousins who are adopted, and our family has always talked openly about how adoption brought them into our lives. When we felt we were ready to take the next step into parenthood, we knew adoption was the choice for us.

Our most memorable moment was the day we first met our son and his birth mother. We had been going through the adoption process, and got the call that we had been selected by a birth mother, but needed to leave in a matter of hours to meet her. We did not have a carseat or stroller yet, but immediately picked those items up, packed our bags and were on the road to meet the little man who would change our lives forever. We drove all night, stopping only for gasoline and coffee and talked and held hands the entire trip. When we finally arrived, tired and excited, we met our son who had already been born and his birth mother; one of the most incredible women we have been given the opportunity to know. She put our son in Jessica’s arms and we immediately started bonding - with our son and the woman who so graciously chose us to love and raise him. We added two incredible people to our lives that day, and will never forget that moment as long as we live.

We want to add another child to our family through adoption and would be blessed to be given that opportunity. We know that we will love this child with our whole hearts and we cannot wait to welcome another child into our family!

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
All Smiles in Florida

Jessica About Charles: Charles is the most patient, loyal and loving man that I have ever known. He is absolutely my best friend, and I can always count on him to be in my corner. Charles is an amazing partner and an incredible father. Watching him interact with our son is so heartwarming. He loves to fish, hike and do pretty much anything outside, but also loves days in playing board games, video games, or watching movies. Charles never leaves the house without telling me and our son that he loves us. Even after 17 years of marriage, we enjoy each other’s company, and I look forward to coming home to him at the end of each day. ”Daddy” is a very popular person in our household, and Charles loves being in that role and being involved in every aspect of parenting.

Charles About Jessica: I am so grateful to have such a wonderful, devoted and loving wife to share my life with. Jessica puts my wants and needs ahead of her own, and that selflessness is such an admirable trait. She is the person that all of our friends and family go to with questions, problems and worries. Jessie is my best friend, and I sincerely believe she makes me a better person. She is an amazing “Mama” and our son is so lucky to have such a patient, loving and devoted mother. With the addition of this child, we will be an even stronger family unit with unlimited love to share.

Individual Strengths

Our most important strength as a couple is that we are a team in all things. We always work together toward whatever goal we set. Charles is more mellow and laid back, but has a great work ethic; Jessica is very organized and assertive, but incredibly fun-loving. This balance is what has made our marriage so successful, and is also what makes us great parents to our son. We make an effort every day to show our son how much we love him, and each other. We do everything together and are both incredibly involved in our son’s everyday life; feeding, dressing, bathing, playing, education, everything. We are both very loving, open and honest people, all qualities we share with our son and plan to pass on to another child. While our individual strengths are important, it is our strengths and qualities as a couple, as a team, that we are so proud of and what makes us who we are.

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