We are an energetic, loving couple who have embarked upon a journey to grow our family. Thank you for taking the time to consider joining us on this path. We know you must be experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and decisions, but we want to promise you our sincere devotion to your child's happiness and their well-being. We look forward to expanding our family and to welcoming you and your child into our lives.

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Matt Courtney
job description
Software Engineer Pharmacist
Master's Degree in Engineering Doctor of Pharmacy
Going for Coffee Together on Saturday Mornings
Having a Winter Picnic in Front of the Fireplace - Complete With Hot Dogs & S'mores!
Cooking New Recipes
Dream Job
Dream Job
Food & Travel Writer
Quality about my Spouse
Her Warmth
Quality about my Spouse
His Kindness
Musical Group
The Beatles
Musical Group
The Beatles
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
With Penny in Our Backyard

During our free time, we volunteer at our church or with a local acting company and also enjoy many hobbies. One of the interests we share is cooking and although Matt takes the lead on many of the meals we make, Courtney can be found in the kitchen helping (and sampling!).

Together, we also spend time with Penny, our Dachshund. Penny is incredibly playful but also loves to snuggle. Courtney teaches her new tricks, like jumping through a hoop or ‘dancing’ and when Penny feels playful, Matt is her favorite tug-of-war buddy.

Courtney also enjoys quilting, a skill she learned in high school. She has continued her passion ever since. She has made over 10 quilts for family and friends, and she is looking forward to making special quilts for future children.

Matt is great at finding new things for us to try – thanks to his endeavors we have gotten to go camping, hiking, indoor rock climbing, and experience some of the specialties of the nearby metropolitan city. He’s also led us to find hidden apple orchards, explore antique shops, and refurbish our kitchen table. We are even thinking about trying kayaking sometime soon.

We look forward to adding a child to our lives so we can continue to share these, and many other new experiences, to create lasting memories.

Discussing Adoption
Spending the Afternoon With a Little Friend

Knowing your history and where you come from is essential in everyone’s life. An adoption story is an integral portion of an adoptee’s life and should never be withheld. We plan on sharing your child’s whole adoption story, lovingly and often. We know as adoptive parents, we would be the caretakers of your reputation with your child. Realizing the importance of this trust, we would never do or say anything to make the child think that you abandoned them or did not love them. We would emphasize the fact that they are blessed to have even more people in their life who love them – you and us. We know over the years there will probably be many questions, which we will answer honestly and positively.

Courtney enjoys scrapbooking and is planning to make a special book to share your child’s unique story and achievements. Matt works with technology daily and is the family tech guru. He plans to create an email account for your child. This account, should you choose to use it, will allow you to easily connect with your child, tell your story, see updated photos, and allow him or her to reach out to you if you both desire. Many children’s books covering adoption are now available. We plan on adding these to our library and sharing them as bedtime stories.

Fun Facts About Us:

  • Courtney collects eyeglasses – the funkier the better.
  • Matt is always searching for new recipes and most are winners. Matt has even found a recipe that makes Courtney LIKE Brussels sprouts!
  • Matt has never needed braces or had a cavity. Courtney wore braces for over three years (and still wears her retainers – occasionally).
  • Growing up, we both were at Disney World the same week. We don’t recall seeing each other though!
  • We each have a sibling who is 4 years younger - Courtney has a sister and Matt has a brother.
  • Matt listens to classic rock when he’s working.
  • Courtney’s eyes change color depending on her mood or what she’s wearing.
  • Matt and Courtney both gained interest in cooking from their fathers.
  • We love finding new, exciting things to do in our community and surrounding area.
  • Matt is left-handed for almost everything but plays sports right-handed.
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