Thank you for reading our profile. We are a fun and loving couple with a great love for children. We married in 2008 and after a few years of trying to have children, God led us to the beautiful path of adoption. We hope that you consider choosing us for the privilege of being the parents of your child. Know that we are praying for you.

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Peter Alma
job description
Pharmacist Tax Accountant
Doctor of Pharmacy Bachelor's Degree in Accounting
Dream Vacation
Alaskan Wilderness
Dream Vacation
Going to Alaska
Wildlife Watching
Bird Watching
Banana Cream Pie
Chocolate Eclair
Easter Brunch
Random Acts of Kindness
Memory with a Child
When My Niece Said We Are Her Second Set of Parents
Memory with a Child
When I Told My Godson I Loved Him & He Replied, "I Love you More!"
Legally Married

Our Cultural Heritage
Admiring a Historic Castle in Poland

Peter was born in Poland. When he was 6 years old, he moved to West Africa with his parents who worked as doctors in a hospital there. Peter enjoyed living in Africa. He made good friends and joined the soccer team. Some years later, he came to the US with his family. Both in West Africa and here in the US, Peter's family has maintained its Polish traditions. Peter speaks fluent Polish. One of Peter's favorite traditions is celebrating Easter with the customary Polish feast.

Alma was born in Mexico and enjoys many aspects of her culture. In particular, Alma loves the closeness of her large extended family, how everyone is always willing to help one another, and, of course, how every family gathering involves dancing and lots of southern Mexican food.

Although neither of us were born in the US, we feel blessed to be citizens of this country for all the opportunities it offers. At the same time, we also love and appreciate our Polish and Mexican heritage.

Our Lifestyle
Bird Watching at the Botanic Gardens

We love being outdoors to take in the beautiful sights and sounds of nature. During the week, we go for walks at a nearby nature preserve and enjoy the changes of each season. We also enjoy kayaking at a nearby lagoon, especially as the sun begins to set. Wherever we go, we are excited to see wild life, like river otters, foxes, deer and many different kinds of birds. Bird calls and bird songs are music to our ears! On our days off, we venture a bit further to hike in state parks and we sometimes see buffalo or eagles. Last year we vacationed in the Smoky Mountains National Park where we went to a remote valley to see some elk. We also enjoy trips to Monterey Bay, California where we love to watch the adorable sea otters and to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina where we like to kayak on the sea along with dolphins.

We also like traveling to see historical sites in the U.S. and in countries such as Italy and Poland. Peter is a history buff so he makes these trips extra interesting for Alma. He'd love to make these sites come alive for a child.

On her own, Alma loves to cook, find new recipes, plan celebrations, visit family and friends, and garden. She loves involving children in her projects, like making guacamole.

Peter loves history, science, and nature. On a quiet evening, you might find him reading a book on one of these subjects.

What It Means to Become Parents
With Our Goddaughter

In addition to providing a loving home, healthy meals, and educational opportunities, we believe that being parents is about unconditional love and unwavering commitment to each other and to the child. Love and commitment create a warm, supportive environment where a child feels safe to learn and encouraged to reach their fullest, happiest potential. We've been blessed with the opportunity to take care of nieces, nephews and godchildren – from babies to teenagers -- for extended periods of time. We have learned that every child develops in a different way and at a different pace and that every child needs individual attention, structure and encouragement, all within the context of love and devotion. In addition, sharing a fun-loving and optimistic approach to life goes a long way to helping children deal with difficult situations.

Alma can't wait for all the nurturing and spontaneous fun that goes into being a mom. Peter looks forward to being dad and, as the child grows older, sharing his love for nature, science and history. We deeply desire to share our unconditional love and unwavering commitment with your child!

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