We are beyond excited to grow our family though adoption! We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity you are giving us. We respect and value you very much. Our home is filled with warmth, love, and laughter and we have been dreaming of the day of when a child will fill our home and hearts even more. Thank you for considering us, we look forward to the road that lies ahead.

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Zach Jessica
job description
Real Estate Broker Receptionist
Master's Degree in Instructional Technology Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies
TV Show
Modern Family
TV Show
This is Us
Dream Job
Professional Athlete
Dream Job
Dolphin Trainer
Memory with a Child
Coaching Youth Sports
Memory with a Child
Being a Camp Counselor
Quality about my Spouse
Her Compassion for Others & Faith in God
Quality about my Spouse
How Humble & Considerate He Is
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Legally Married

Our Lifestyle
On Vacation in Europe

We feel like we live life fully and boldly and can't wait to bring a child along on our adventures. We love to travel and experience new and old places. Zach's family lives in Canada so we travel up there at least four times a year. Jessica's family has beach houses on both the west coast and east coast that we love to visit. In addition to traveling to visit families we also love to do our own vacations to explore new places. We hope to share our love of travel with our future children and create wonderful lifetime memories.

When we are not traveling, we enjoy down time at home. Doing home improvement projects, taking our dog Marlo on walks, and being social with friends and family. We love to entertain and have people over to our house for bible studies, cook-outs, pig-pickins, low country boils, and oyster roasts. Our motto is always the more the merrier. We look forward to raising our child with this sense of deep community.

How We Met
Enjoying Our Time as Counselors

We met as camp counselors out on an island in southern California. There were 15 guy counselors and 15 girl counselors, Zach (21) was the only counselor who was from a different country (Canada) and of course the counselor Jessica (19) was most interested in. We knew quickly that we were interested in each other and agreed that a fun summer romance would be in order, nothing more. However as the weeks went on we began to spend more and more time together. Seeing each others interactions, playfulness, gentleness, and intentionality with campers only drew us closer to each other. With two weeks left of summer, we knew we were in love with each other and decided to try dating long distance. We dated long distance two years, before Zach decided to attend the same school Jessica was at to go after his Master's degree. A year later we were engaged and then got married in the spring of 2009. Meeting as camp counselors gave us the unique insight to see how the other interacted with children and teenagers. It confirmed for both of us that we are meant to be parents and we look forward to being able to pass on this love to our child.

Cultural Diversity

Besides living in a diverse neighborhood, we are proactively taking classes and reading books to ensure we are aware of the situations and issues our child may face. Our hope is to build a community of diversity by plugging into the adoption community so that our child will not only have friends that look the same as them, but who also have the common bond of being adopted. We have both been active in our community with two particularly different non-profits: "Playing for Others" and "Urban Promise" which also highlight diversity positively in our community. We plan to remain active in these non-profits and hope our child will experience our passion for them. Another practical way we plan to make sure there are positive role models in our child's life is to pick doctors and dentist that are the same race as our child. We hope by being proactive in addressing cultural diversity in our lives currently that it will foster a natural environment for our child to grow and thrive in.

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