With grateful hearts we thank you for taking your time to review our profile. Your consideration provides hope to our greatest dream of sharing our lives with a child. We feel so blessed to be on this journey. Our close-knit family and friends join us in waiting with open arms. Please know that we wish you peace and comfort as you bravely consider this difficult decision.

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Michael Coretta
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Locomotive Engineer/Realtor Realtor
Some College High School
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Her Huge Heart
Quality about my Spouse
His Optimism - He Can See the Good in Every Situation
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Little Big Town
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Adoption in Our Lives
Michael Will Do Anything for Our Nieces & Nephews!

Adoption has blessed both of our families! We are grateful to have family that has journeyed the path of adoption to share our experience with. Both families are a true inspiration to us. It is so amazing to witness how each family has been enriched by their love for these children. When you see them as a family you inherently know they were meant to be together.

Michael's sister and her husband adopted our niece. She completes our family in a way no one else could. She is adored by her brothers and loved by all of us immensely. We cannot imagine a life without her!

Coretta has an extended family member that adopted through American Adoptions. We have greatly enjoyed getting to see the incredible love and laughter their child has brought to their lives.

Both of these beautiful adoption stories are unique in their own way. We cannot wait to experience this amazing blessing ourselves to grow our family.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Hearts Filled With Love & Joy!

Coretta About Michael: Michael is my best friend. I cannot imagine how I ever lived without him. Michael always sees the good in every situation. He is naturally inclined to be positive and has such a passion for life. Having him in your life means seeing the world in a better light. I admire how hard he works and selfless he is. Michael naturally puts his loved ones first. One of the first things that pulled at my heart strings when we were dating is how much he loves his family. I respect that he lives each day with honesty and integrity. I love his heart and the way he loves others. To have him in my life, as my husband, best friend and biggest supporter is such an amazing blessing! I am over the moon excited to witness Michael become the incredible father I know he will be!

Michael About Coretta: There are many qualities I admire in my wife but what first comes to mind is her huge heart. Coretta loves with all she has. Those of us blessed by being in her life know that she would do anything for us. I respect that she is fiercely loyal and extremely compassionate. Coretta is my biggest supporter and though we are different in many ways I appreciate knowing that she is always in my corner. She will be an amazing mother.

Discussing Adoption

We are excited to share and celebrate your child's adoption story with them! Your child will always know about their adoption and understand this came from a place of tremendous love. We look forward to reading children's books and exploring other avenues with your child that will help them to understand more about adoption early on. We will always have open communication with your child. We are excited to build a relationship that best allows this child to understand and connect to their story and therefore foster a strong sense of identity. We are committed to staying in touch with letters, pictures, emails, telephone calls and possible visits.

We are thankful that adoption has touched both our families and feel blessed that a child will have family that shares this experience. Adoption is truly dear to our hearts. We cannot wait to share this, our unconditional love and so much more with a child.

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