We are so excited to have the opportunity to adopt a child and create the family we have always hoped for. We are very grateful for you and believe that considering adoption is an incredible act of kindness and bravery. Thank you for thinking of us. We can't wait to become parents and are happy to answer any questions you have as we begin this journey together.

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Discussing Adoption
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We have learned a lot watching the adopted children in our families come to understand their own histories and the incredible stories of how they came to be part of our family. We are happy that adoption has changed considerably over the years and that speaking openly about adoption as an adoptive parent and as an adopted child is far more common than it used to be.

We plan to talk openly with our child about his/her adoption journey and how we became a family, being mindful of the feelings and questions they might have throughout their life. We want to support our child learning about their ancestry, genetics, and everything that has helped them become who they are. It is our hope that our child can be connected to his/her birth parents in some way and have the opportunity to ask questions and form their own relationship in whatever way feels comfortable for both the child and the birth parents.

The most important message we hope to convey to our child is that they are loved and cherished by us and our entire families.

Why We Chose Adoption
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Having kids was always in the cards for us – or so we’ve hoped. Being two women in a committed relationship we thought, great! Double the chance of getting pregnant. Not the case. After years of fertility treatments and emotional, physical, and financial tolls, we decided adoption was our way to becoming parents. Shortly after making that decision, it started to feel not so much like adoption was just a way for us to have a child, but instead it felt like adoption is the way we are supposed to become parents.

The thought of adopting just feels right to us. Maybe it’s because we have so many adopted kids in our families, but it just feels like there is a child about to arrive in this world that is meant to make our family complete. We are so grateful that adoption is an option for us and that there are birth parents like you willing to consider us as adoptive parents.

Life Priorities
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We try to make life as exciting and meaningful as we can – in our home life, our work, and everything in between. Before we met and when we were both younger, traveling all over the world was a priority. We both worked multiple jobs to save our pennies so we could visit interesting places from the beaches of Greece to the mountains of Laos and see what else is out there.

As we’ve gotten older we still love to visit new places, but our focus has moved from traveling to creating a home that can be the center of our lives, where our family and friends love to spend time. It’s important to us that we have a safe, comfortable, and happy home to live in and raise a child. A home that is filled with laughter, lots of game-playing and good cooking. A place where we can snuggle in front of the fire with our kid reading books, and work in the garden trying to grow our own vegetables – not as easy as we thought when we started.

The people we love are the most important part of our life – whether they’re near or far—and the connections we have with our families and close friends are what really fulfills us. Having a child to bring into this life we have created would be incredible.

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