We are very excited at the possibility of growing our family through adoption once again and we thank you for considering us. We are a multi-cultural bilingual family, with a one and half year old son, and an old family pet dog. We can't wait to share our love and our home with your child. Choosing us to be your child's parents would bring such joy to us and would complete our family.

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Shane Ellie
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Engineer Engineer
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering
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Dream Vacation
Disney World
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Family Activity
Board Games; Playing at the Park With My Toddler
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The Mountains
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Adoption in Our Lives
Merry Christmas!

Adoption has touched us personally in the form of two very special people to us. Shane’s little sister was adopted from the foster care system when she was 3 years old. Shane remembers to this day being 10 years old and meeting her for the first time. One of the dearest memories he has of them growing up is walking to school together and little sister holding Shane’s hand as they walked through the snow. Her hand was so tiny she could hardly wrap around two of Shane’s fingers.

Our son is also adopted from the foster system. We met him at 12 days old and has been in our home and our hearts since then. Our adoption has finally become official after a year and half and we couldn’t be more ecstatic about it. We cannot imagine our lives without our son. We are now ready to grow our family further and have the joy and laughter of children in our home.

What Makes Us Unique
Shane Loves to Fly

Shane has a private pilot’s license and co-owns an old airplane. Shane enjoys flying to remote destinations to get a look at the countryside from up in the air. Shane is looking forward to teaching the children about the mechanics of airplanes, and the science behind how they fly.

We discovered CrossFit two years ago and have made it a huge part of our life. Not only are we more fit, but it gave us an education in nutrition and helped us eat better. Together we’ve lost an incredible amount of weight and become stronger versions of ourselves. We plan to share healthy eating habits and exercise with our children.

Relay for Life With Family

Cancer awareness is something that is also near and dear to our hearts. Each year, we participate as a family in Relay for Life, which is a cancer fundraising event. Ellie also participates in long distance running events that support cancer fundraising and research. Ellie works hard to raise cancer awareness and has raised tens of thousands of dollars for cancer charities. We look forward to engaging our children in the relay and other events to continue this mission.

We also enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. Shane loves fishing. He goes a few times a year and feels it gives him some peaceful time to reflect on life. Ellie loves camping and hiking. We can’t wait for our children to be part of our outdoor activities as soon as possible.

Cultural Diversity

We are a multi-cultural and bilingual family. Shane is Caucasian of Irish decent. Ellie is Mexican and an immigrant to the US. Being married to someone who is of a different culture has made each of us more sensitive and appreciative of our differences. We believe in acceptance of all people. We particularly enjoy eating foods from all cultures. When we have the opportunity to speak with someone from a different culture or part of the world, we love to learn about their customs, traditions, way of life, religion, and their value systems. Because we are multi-cultural, our children will have a better understanding and acceptance of people different from them.

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