We want to tell you that even though we don't know you, our thoughts and prayers started for you before you read this. We believe your strength and selfless decision to consider adoption is a blessing and a miracle. If there is only one thing you get from our story, we hope that it's how loved you are and important you've been in finding the missing piece to someone's family. For this you are an angel.

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John Kelly
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Attorney Stay-at-Home Mom
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Dream Job
Children's Book Author
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Legally Married

Our Life Priorities
Visiting a Nursing Home

God and family take priority in our lives, first and foremost. We also believe and truly enjoy helping other people when we get the opportunity. We do make this a priority in our lives – not just on occasional holidays but any time we see an opportunity.

John helps the elderly with legal issues on a pro bono basis quite regularly and assists with the local Habitat for Humanity program. Kelly helps with women’s care in donating and/or collecting delivering or buying items that women or their children need. She participates in shoe drives as well as clothing donations and buying for new babies with single parents. Allie has been a part of mission work since the age of four. She visits VA hospitals and nursing homes and enjoys talking and listening to the elderly. Allie also loves animals and has adopted and taken good care of her first dog. She plans to rescue many more in the future and hopes to become a vet one day!

Why We Chose Adoption
A Day at the Museum

We are two people who love our little girl so very much. She is happy and healthy and we had no serious complications during the pregnancy or when she was born. We always wanted our family to be as big as God would allow. We tried to get pregnant again and we did not succeed. Our next step was adoption. We never thought about anything else.

We knew our decision was perfect when we told Allie and she cried and hugged us both so tightly. She immediately thought of all the ways she would help and even prepared areas where she thought needed better safety for the baby. She has prayed for this baby since the night we told her and continues until this day. She asks the Lord to watch over the birth mom and baby and help us to connect soon. This gave us much peace. Children are so simple and honest. Allie is over the moon for a sibling and we know she will be very protective. She’s very nurturing naturally. She has a dog that she adopted when we lost our first family pet. She calls him “Mi Corazon” which means my love. She learned this from the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua. He’s a mix breed named Homer who she adores and EVERYONE knows Homer.

Our Family Traditions
Santa (John) Comes to Visit

In our ten years of marriage we have continued many traditions and started a few ourselves. One of our continuing traditions is John dressing up as Santa Claus during our extended family’s Christmas party. This is something his dad did and now John does this as well. The older kids, Allie included, have figured out that it’s John but they still enjoy it and look forward to Santa’s annual visit. The real joy, however, is watching the eyes light up in the younger children when Santa walks through the door.

One tradition we’ve added as a family is that around Allie’s birthday, we travel somewhere with Allie. For a few years it was always Disney World but as she’s gotten older she has branched out. For her last birthday we spent a week in New York. We had panoramic views of the city so at night we would get in our pj’s, watch the city and talk about our favorite parts of the day. This is a tradition that we plan to continue with our next child. We know that there are a few more trips to Disney World in our future, but, to be honest, we are looking forward to it – we had as much fun at Disney as Allie did.

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