Thank you so much for considering us as adoptive parents for your child! We are a caring and fun-loving couple, and we are so excited to complete our family with a second child. Together, we've built a home filled with love, respect, and lots of laughter. We can't wait to celebrate this child's unique personality, to support them as they grow and learn, and to give them all the love and opportunities we can.

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John Anu
job description
Urban Planner Pediatrician
Master's Degree in Urban planning Doctor of Medicine
Memory with Spouse
Traveling to the Jungle in Belize Together
Memory with Spouse
Hiking the Inca Trail in Peru Together
Family Activity
Playing Tag in the Yard
Family Activity
Playing Guitar
Quality about my Spouse
Her Sense of Adventure
Quality about my Spouse
His Kindness & Sense of Humor
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives
Spending Time With John's Sister & Her Children

John’s older sister was raised by an adoptive family. John’s mother became pregnant with his sister, Susanne, before she was able to raise children, so she placed her with an adoptive family. The adoption was semi-open, and she regularly exchanged letters with Susanne’s adoptive parents. When Susanne was a teenager (and John was five), she visited John’s family for the first time. She has been a special part of his life ever since. John developed an early understanding of adoption through his relationships with his mother, his sister, and his sister’s adoptive parents. Over the years we’ve both grown very close with Susanne and her children, and visit them often. Our relationship with her is one of the main reasons we have always wanted to build our own family through adoption.

We’ve been lucky to have Susanne in our lives and have learned a lot. We’ve gotten to see first hand from her adoptive parents how natural it is to open your home and heart to an adopted child. We’ve also been struck by seeing how many of her traits are from her adoptive parents, how many are from her birth mother (John’s mom), and how many are her purely her own. We have seen how every relationship in Susanne’s life is unique and that has given us an awareness of the complexities of adoption. But most importantly, we know how essential keeping in touch is for everyone - birth mothers, adopted parents, and children.

Our Leisure Time
Riding to the Playground

We spend our free time together as a family. On weekends we go hiking and camping at the mountains or the coast, we put our son in the bike trailer and ride the local bike trails, or we go to a kids activity like the zoo, the aquarium, or a museum (The Museum of Flight is one of our favorites).

On weekdays, we usually go to a playground to play frisbee or soccer, the library, or a nearby coffee shop with toys for kids. John likes to take Kiran to the local pool, the kids’ gymnastics center, and to a nearby playground to practice riding his bike. Anu and Kiran go to music class and nature adventure classes together. We spend a lot of time playing with Kiran at home, reading to him, cooking meals together, or doing art projects. After he goes to sleep, we like to play board games, read by the fire, or watch movies on the sofa.

Individually, John likes to mountain bike, climb at the gym, go to concerts, and go to trivia night with friends. Anu likes to rock climb, go to yoga class, meet up with her friends, and work in her vegetable garden.

When we have vacation time, we like to travel around the country and around the world. Our favorite places to visit are Hawaii, where we snorkel and play in the sand, and Joshua Tree National Park, where we climb boulders and sleep under the desert stars.

Our Family Traditions
Decorating the Gingerbread House

Our lives are full of special traditions! We are a culturally mixed family (Anu is of Indian background and John is Dutch/Irish) so we celebrate both U.S. and Indian holidays. At Christmas we decorate a tree, hang stockings, and fill the house and yard with lights. We have cookie decorating parties, make gingerbread houses, visit with Santa, and go to see reindeer at a local nursery. Anu’s favorite holiday is Halloween, when we decorate the house, host a party with a ton of kids, and trick-or-treat. We also celebrate Diwali, the Indian festival of lights where we hang lights, make Indian sweets for friends, and exchange presents.

We have lots of traditions outside of holidays, too. For example, we camp at the same riverside campground in the mountains every Memorial Day. We visit our favorite waterfall hikes every summer. Every weekend we walk down to the local donut shop together for a treat. And we make sure to have dinner together almost every night - then we have a clean-up dance party, where our son chooses a song and we dance and sing along as we clean up.

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